Grapefruits are another food powerhouse from the citrus family, they are tangy fruits and known to be rich in Vitamin C. These fruits might be confused with other similar fruits such as pomelo and may either have a red, white or pink pulps with different degree of the sweet tasting but with similar quality if you are looking to gain more of Health Benefits of Grapefruits.

Health Benefits Of Grapefruits
Health Benefits Of Grapefruits

The Health Benefits of Grapefruits can be enjoyed throughout the year even though these fruits are mostly in season during winter and little part of spring seasons. Eating of these fruits on daily basis will enrich your body with content of Vitamin A, fiber and potassium as an addition to the rich Vitamin C.

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How many Calories in a grapefruit

In case you may want to know How many Calories in a Grapefruit makes up the components of grapefruit, search no more. A serving size of 1/2 medium (approx 4″ dia) (128 g) of grapefruit has 41 calories with calories from fat being 1, whereas a whole grapefruit of about 41/2” diameter has 106 calories, of course not forgetting other vitamins, minerals and fiber. Knowledge on How many Calories in a Grapefruit are worth taking you through the day is equally important in helping you establish the amount of grapefruit to eat per day.

1) Fight Tumors

Benefits of grapefruits are plentiful beyond your imagination! Did you know that fighting tumor cells in your body from developing is one of the Benefits of grapefruits? Absolutely! Grapefruits have a carotenoid phytonutrient compound referred to as lycopene. This compound contains anti-tumor characteristics that helps in fighting free radicals that damage body cells.

2) Protects the body from Cancer

Another important of the great Benefits of grapefruits, is the possession of anti-cancer property named glucarates which counteracts cancer prone to attacking mouth, lung, skin, stomach andcolon.

3) Helps in Balancing Cholesterol in the Body

Grapefruits Benefits also include balancing of cholesterol in your body, these type of fruits have soluble fiber, pectin, that reduces “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides but in doing so, they maintain the “good” cholesterol (HDL).

4) Helps in repairing Damaged Cells

The amount of work done in our bodies by Grapefruit Benefits is incredibly surpassing our limited understanding of the Grapefruit Nutrition. This is because, often we tend to think that the food we daily eat has to do with regaining of energy but not knowing the processes involved. Besides our scarce knowledge, repairing of damaged cells is also one among many Grapefruit Benefits, grapefruits contain a flavonoid known as Naringenin which is responsible for repairing damaged cells and wipe out cell mutations that pose a danger of cancer development.

5) Boost Immune system and prevent Inflammation

Grapefruit Health Befits will not cease to amaze you especially when you realize the magic they can do to boost your immune system and keep you away from inflammation. These fruits have plenty of vitamin C which helps prevent severe colds and their symptoms. They also prevent free radicals and subside the severity of inflammation resulting from conditions such as stroke, arthritis, asthma, rheumatoid.

6) Weight Loss

Grapefruit can be prepared as either juice or eaten just as fresh fruits, nonetheless they remain to possess same quality and nutrients in both states, however, and “weight loss” has been highlighted by many nutritionists as one the major benefit of the Grapefruit Juice Benefits.Citing to low-calorie nature when drunk 20 minutes ahead of every meal, to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol.

“Grapefruit weight loss” idea attracts the need to learn a topic on Grapefruit Nutrition to have a deeper understanding of the amount of Calories in a Grapefruit in order to develop the urge to incorporate grapefruits in our daily diets.

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