Health Benefits of Kiwi
Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwifruit was first discovered and cultivated in Northern China where it was initially known as the Chinese gooseberry but later in the 20th Century the fruit got a new name in New Zealand from Chinese gooseberry to Kiwi to avoid exportation charges of the fruit from New Zealand.

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How many Calories in a Kiwi?

One of the key Health Benefits of Kiwi is the fact that the fruit is highly loaded with nutrients and have low calories content, therefore they are dietary friendly as they lack or have minimal “bad” cholesterol. Therefore the question of ,“How many Calories in a Kiwi?”is one of the easiest as we already know kiwis have low calories content but just to mention, there are 42 Calories in a Kiwi. The 42 Kiwi Calories are accompanied by other vital mineral compounds and vitamins to help the body maintain healthy texture and tone of the skin besides other major Benefits of Kiwi Fruitsuch as prevent stroke among other diseases.

Health Benefits of Kiwi

Just like the rest of other fruits, the Benefits of Kiwi Fruit are endless on the list but however this article strives to highlight some of the key Health Benefits of Kiwi. Benefits of Kiwi Fruit are as follow:

1) Blood Pressure

Number one on the list of the numerous Benefits of Kiwi Fruit the management of our blood pressure. Kiwi fruit does this through balancing of electrolyte to counteract, sodium concentration, which is responsible for blood pressure in our bodies.

2) Constipation

Another of the Benefits of Kiwi Fruit is prevention of constipation. Kiwi, according to many studies, has been reported to be an essential dietary supplement for the elderly people troubled by constipation.

3) Protection from Heart-related Diseases

Here is an outstanding value of Kiwi among Kiwi Health BenefitsHigher potassium intake than sodium has been recommended by experts citing that it is important for maintaining heart health. Kiwi fruit has these rich content of potassium and fiber than sodium. This chemical balance, according to MarkHouston, MD, MS, an associate clinical professor of medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School, protects the heart from cardiovascular disease.

4) Sound sleep

In case you are experiencing sleeping difficulties, suffer no more, there is a natural way to claim your sleep back. This is a quite a humorous and interesting benefit among Kiwi Fruit Benefits as you have only to eat Kiwi fruit at least if possible every day.

5) Healthy Skin Enhancement

Kiwi Fruit Benefits not only solely touch bodily health but also healthy social life. Did you know that eating of Kiwis will improve the tone and texture of your skin? Consequently attracting the people around you! Then learn the magic and practice eating Kiwi. The rich presence of Vitamin C in Kiwi acts as antioxidant that prevent skin damage from UV light, smoke and wrinkles.

6) Boost Immunity

Because of the fact that Kiwi Calories are minimal, the fruit is alternatively packed with plenty of nutrients such as Vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds which protects the body from millions of defects in turn boosting immunity.

7) Prevents Stroke and Coronary Disease

Study on Kiwi Nutrition has seen eminent nutritionists devote their time and resources trying to find the magic behind Kiwi fruit that reduce coronary heart disease and the risk of stroke, a certain study revealed that, Kiwis have omega-3 fatty acids compounds which play this role.

The following is Kiwi Nutrition facts:

177g of kiwi contains 108 calories, 26g carbohydrates, 16g sugar, 5g fiber, and 2g protein.

8) Healthy Pregnancy and delivery

Kiwi Benefitsare amazing in the sense that they affect the general well-being of a person including expectant mothers. Kiwi fruit has been found among the few foods that is rich in Vitamin B6, a chemical compound that is responsible for boosting immunity especially of fetuses, and pregnant or nursing mothers.

Therefore, Kiwi just like other numerous fruits and vegetables, is highly recommended as it possess the ability to protect the body from cancer and other chronic diseases and boost one’s immunity a great deal.

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