Mints are popular for their not only for their aroma and ability to leave a cooling sensation on the taste buds but also their medicinal value.

Health Benefits Of Mint
Health Benefits Of Mint

The following are some of the amazing health benefits of mint that will totally blow away your mind;

  1. Aids in asthma treatment

Mint enhances production of prostacyclins in the body which are substances that help to keep airways open thus ensuring easy breathing. Peppermint oil can be used as an expectorant and decongestant to keep the respiratory tract clear.

  1. Burns calories

Mint leaves combined with green tea can help you lose weight. Mint benefits for weight loss make it an essential inclusion to a weight loss program.

  1. Relieves menstrual pains

Mint tea helps to ease discomfort resulting from menstrual cycle. The leaves have a purifying effect on blood and an antispasmodic effect on muscles. Mint health benefits during this period also help prevent stomach problems associated with menstrual pains.

  1. Prevents cancer

Mint contains methanol compounds which help in treatment of prostate cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer. Mint tea benefits helps to prevent spread of cancer cells in the body.

  1. Heals cracked heels

Mint leaves can be applied on cracked heel to soften and hydrate them. Mint health benefits for cracked eels also help to kill germs hidden in the heels.

  1. Promotes healthy hair

Mint leaves rubbed on the scalp help to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. It also makes the hair voluminous as a result of increasing blood flow to the hair roots.

  1. Prevents allergies

Mint is enriched with antioxidants that help keep away free radicals and reduce allergy symptoms. Peppermint leaves contain rosmarinic acid that is beneficial for people who are prone to the hay fever.

  1. Boosts immunity

Mint is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins which help in boosting immunity thus keeping away diseases and infections.

  1. Relieves colds and coughs

Mint contains a natural decongestant called menthol that helps in breaking mucus and phlegm that is a common characteristic of colds and coughs. Mint tea can help to relieve sore throats.

  1. Beats depression and stress

Mint leaves contain sedative and cicatrizing properties that helps to relieve stress, mental fatigue and headaches. Mint tea benefits in reducing stress occurs when it is taken every evening after stressful activities.

  1. Fights oral infections

Mint leaves helps to fight tooth decay and improve dental health due to their antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Benefits of mint leaves also help to prevent oral diseases.

  1. Enhances memory

Sniffing mint leaves improves memory and increases alertness. Benefits of mint leaves thus help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease among other degenerative diseases that affect the brain.

  1. Relieves irritable bowel syndrome

Mint is beneficial in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome due to its antioxidant properties. It is also beneficial in relieving indigestion problems such as constipation thus maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Mint leaves contain potassium which is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and regulating pulse rate. This helps to prevents occurrence of heart attacks and stroke.

  1. Promotes healthy skin

Anti-inflammatory properties of mint help in reducing skin irritation. Methanol compounds in mint helps to treat oily skin thus preventing acne and other skin conditions from occurring. This helps to create a flawless skin.


The wonderful mint benefits for health are uncountable. You should therefore incorporate it in your daily diet so that you will not only be eating great smelling foods but at the same time your body gets to gains both internally and externally.

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