Oranges are nutrient dense foods in that they are abundant in vitamins and minerals contrary to the content of calories. They are round citrus fruits having an orange color as their name suggest and of course their juicy and mouthwatering flesh. They come in different sizes but generally measure at a diameter of about2-3 inches.

Health Benefits of Oranges
Health Benefits of Oranges


As already mentioned, oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals, however, this factor does not bar us from learning on the subject at hand. You may of course want to know How many Calories in an Orange add up to the components of an orange especially when you want to squeeze juice from the fruit. Just like other fruits, the amount of Calories in an Orange, though not greatly, vary from different serving sizes of oranges. There are 45 Calories in an Orange of about 4.6 oz as bought while there are 62 Calories in an Orange of about 6.3 oz as bought.

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As this article majors on the Health Benefits of Oranges, it will touch across every aspect of the Benefits of Oranges as far as your health is concerned and lightly discuss healthy social life associated with Orange Juice Benefits. Health Benefits of Oranges are plentiful contrary to your limited knowledge of the Benefits of Oranges otherwise you would eat or drink orange juice daily.

1) Source of Vitamin C

The major among the Benefits of Oranges that is commonly known by everyone is the rich content of Vitamin C. This sole vitamin is vital in maintaining immunity and keep away colds and prevent ear infections. Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant in the body that fights free radicals which are a threat to DNA consequently exposing the body to many cancers.

2) Blood Pressure

High intake of potassium counteracts the level of sodium in the body thereby the risk of blood pressure is greatly reduced. Besides oranges being a rich source of Vitamin C, they are also full of potassium which has been proven to reduce the risk of death caused by numerous ailments.

3) Heart Health

The rich fiber, choline content, vitamin C and Potassium found in oranges are vital in maintaining stable heart health. High potassium gained from eating oranges which counteracts the level of sodium reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and loss of muscle mass and preservation of bone mineral density among others.

4) Helps Digestion

Oranges can be eaten fresh as fruits or squeezed to produce a refreshing juice that is similar in content quality and have as well numerous benefits for your health. One of the Benefits of Orange Juice according to studies, is that the juice play a great role in ensuring you have a healthy stomach after drinking the juice, it has compounds that regulate the functioning of the digestive system.

4) Diabetes

Orange Juice Benefits also includes controlling and prevention of Diabetes II. The juice has been found to possess diuretic properties which regulates the level of sugar in your body. Vitamin C as well bears the properties to prevent diabetes and its consequences.

5) Anti-aging Effect

The antioxidants in orange juice are effective in fighting free radicals and their effects in which one of the effects of free radicals is damaging DNA in return causing aging of the body. Orange juice will not only give you a refreshed feeling but also retaliate to DNA damage caused by free radicals.

5) Deafness

Are Oranges good for you?Undeniably! Besides the complex Health Benefits of Oranges that Vitamin C has, the same Vitamin Cin Orange can help reduce the risk of deafness and also improve your vision.

The study on Orange Nutrition can be better understood by carefully studying the Orange Nutrition facts as follows:

Orange has 0.2g of fat, 0.6g protein, 9g carbohydrates and other minerals and vitamins including sodium, potassium and Vitamin C, A, D, B-6 and B-12 respectively.

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