Papaya used to be a rare and exotic fruit but since people learnt of the amazing papaya benefits to the body, the fruit is now grown in many parts of the world and is readily available at most times of the year.  Papayas grow well in tropical climates. The fruit is usually green when raw and turns yellow when ripe.

health benefits of papaya

Its sweet taste and vibrant color combined with the health benefits it has, makes it a favorite among many people. Possible health benefits of papaya include; reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer, helping in control of blood glucose for diabetes patients, improving the healing of wounds, lowering blood pressure and helping in digestion. Papaya benefits are therefore innumerous and you can never fully understand unless you try it.

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Properties of papaya

Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain that helps in digestion and makes it a great meat tenderizer. It has a high water and fiber content which contribute in prevention of constipation and promotion of a regular and healthy digestive tract. Papaya also contains an antioxidant called zeaxanthin that filters out harmful blue rays and thus plays an important protective role in the health of eyes. There are unsubstantiated rumors that papaya can help to prevent pregnancy but until that is proven, it still remains hearsay and one should therefore not stop eating papaya if it fails to work for them in that particular way because they can still enjoy other benefits of papaya.

Magnificent health benefits of papaya

The following are some of the conditions that benefits of eating papaya will help cure or prevent;

1. Heart disease

health benefits of papaya

Papayas contain vitamins, fiber and potassium which help to keep away heart diseases. To reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, one has to increase their intake of potassium and reduce sodium intake. This is an important dietary change that will play a big role towards ensuring that the heart remains healthy. Papaya health benefits to the heart are considered to be important because if the heart is healthy, then life is prolonged.

2. Inflammation

Choline, which is an essential and versatile nutrient, contained in this wonderful fruit helps us our bodies to be able to sleep. Papaya benefits help in enhancing the movement of the muscles and improving memory and learning. This particular nutrient, Choline, also helps in maintaining the cell membrane structure, transmission of nerve impulses, reducing chronic inflammation and assisting in fat absorption in the body.

3. Skin and healing

Another of papaya benefits, which has made its demand high in the cosmetic industry. It can be mashed and applied topically on the skin to promote healing of wounds and burns. Research has shown that the papain and chymopapain enzymes are the secret behind the healing of wounds and burns. There are a variety of ointments in the market containing the papain enzyme which is essential in the treatment of bedsores and decubitus ulcers.

On the same note, papaya contains vitamin A which helps in repairing damaged hair.  Apart from helping in the growth of bodily tissues, vitamin A is what is required for production of sebum which helps to keep the hair moisturized. Ensuring that you take adequate amounts of papaya will also provide your body with vitamin C which will improve the structure of the hair and skin.

4. Digestion

health benefits of papaya

Another benefit of eating papaya before or after meals is that it will help in digestion. Its high water and fiber content will help prevent issues such as constipation. It acts as a relaxer and will help you to get rid of excess food from your bowel.


There are many papaya health benefits that are still under research. With the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, many people are going back to fruits such as papaya which have been proven to contribute immensely towards the well being of the body. You should not expect to start feeling papaya health benefits in the instant that you eat papaya rather eat it on regular basis while alternating with other fruits and with time, you will notice that your body is beginning to change because of the benefit of eating papaya.

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