Watermelons have this name because of the juicy, refreshing and extremely high water content.  It has approximately 92% of water.  Watermelon belongs to the cucurbitaceous family and is related to pumpkin, cucumber etc which grown on vines to the ground.  Watermelons can come in shapes like oblong, round and spherical.  The species plant name is CitrullisLanatus.  Watermelons can be red, pink or yellow.  It originally comes from South Africa although spread all over the world now.  China has the largest watermelon production with over half production world-wide.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon
Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Do you know How Many Calories in Watermelon there are?  1 cup of watermelon has 48 g calories, 0g fat, 10g (1 g dietary fiber) carbohydrates, 1 g proteins, 12 mg calcium, 176 mg potassium, 7.4 mg lycopene and 14 mg vitamin C.

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The 8 Health Benefits of Watermelon can be found here below:-

1. Boosts Hydration

By drinking watermelon juice just before a strenuous workout, it helped in the reduction of heart rate of the athlete and muscle soreness the next day.  L-citruline amino acid is found in watermelon and helps the body to convert it to L-argine which is an essential amino acid in helping relax the blood vessels and circulation improvement.  Citruline can be easily absorbed by intestinal cell, when coming from watermelon juice and not from citruline supplements.

2. Helps in Heart Health

After six weeks elapsed of taking commercial watermelon supplements extracts the Watermelon Benefits experienced by postmenopausal women were improved cardiovascular health. Obese and middle aged adults had alleviation of high blood pressure.

3. Natural Viagra

Apart from the improved circulation Health Benefits of Watermelon to the heart other parts can benefit.  L. arginine a Watermelon Nutrition through relaxing of the blood vessels including the ones supplying the penis blood helps in erectile dysfunction.  Men with mild erectile dysfunctions have shown erection hardness improvement by taking citruline supplements.

4. Vitamin and Minerals Richness

Watermelon Health Benefits in a 10-ounce watermelon wedge gives ½ of the daily recommended vitamin A and C value.  9% of daily potassium value is also got as part of Benefits of Watermelon.

5. Watermelon is a Fruit and Vegetable

It is related to pumpkin, cucumber and squash.  This is because it is partly a vegetable and partly fruit by producing seeds.  The rind is also entirely edible.

6. Eat Watermelon Rind and Seeds

Carbs in Watermelon can be got by putting the watermelon rind in a blender with lime for a refreshing healthy treat.  Benefits of Watermelon like blood-building and health promoting chlorophyll and lots of citruline amino acid can be got more in the rind than in the pink flesh.

7. Mushy Water

Benefits of Watermelon include the 92 percent water in it.  In a hot summer day, the tasty way to hydrate oneself and avoid dehydration is to eat watermelon.  This is not a substitute for drinking of plenty fresh water.

8. Lycopene: Watermelon’s Fame Claim

6.5 mg of lycopene can be found as Carbs in Watermelon in less than ½ cup.  Lycopene Nutritional Value of Watermelon is more significant in red-fleshed variety than yellow-fleshed water melon.

How many Calories in Watermelon?  Watermelon is an excellent Vitamin C and A source.  Other Watermelon Calories are traces of pantothenic acid and vitamin K.  Minerals like Copper, Iron, Selenium, Zinc and Manganese are also Calories in Watermelon.  The Calories in Watermelon not to be forgotten are 2 percent of daily fiber needs supplied.

Watermelons are at their best in summer months although they can grow in all seasons.  For one to get the most antioxidants in this super food, the watermelon should be stored at room temperature prior to slicing.

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