How many Calories in Yogurt?

Health Benefits Of Yogurt
Health Benefits Of Yogurt

This is an import question to ask yourself in case you mind about your weight, general health and want to keep fit as the amount of Calories in Yogurt will greatly influence the amount of yogurt you’d want to consume in a day. Yogurt is rich “good” bacteria, a property required of by the digestive tract for many health-related reasons adding up to Health Benefits of yogurt.

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Calories in yogurt is an important unit of the content and ingredients of yogurts, however the amount of calories in yogurt vary with different serving sizes of yogurts. According to Yogurt Nutrition Facts, as shown below, a serving size of 1 cup (about 245 g) of yogurt has 149 calories. Therefore, let us have a deeper understanding of How many Calories in Yogurt can be broken down into different ingredients by studying the following table.

Principle and quantity Daily Value in Percentage (%)
Calories 149
Calories from fat 72
Total fat 8g 12
Monounsaturated fat 2,2g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.2g
Saturated fat 5.1g 26
Potassium 379.75mg 11
Sodium 113mg 5
Cholesterol 32mg 11
Carbohydrates 11.4g 4
Dietary fiber 0g 0
Protein 8.5g
Sugar 11.4g
Vitamins A and C 5, 2 Respectively
Iron and Calcium 1, 30 Respectively


What are the Health Benefits of Yogurt?

1) Great Source of Probiotics

Number one uncommon of all the Benefits of Yogurt is the rich provision of probiotics. The digestive system requires “good” bacteria, which are also referred to as probiotics or live bacteria, for many health reasons. These live bacteria are known for different functions like adjusting the natural balance of organisms in the body specifically the intestines and boost proper functioning of digestion and or immune system.

2) weight Loss

Narrowing down the Benefits of Yogurt we also find that there has been a prevailing misconception on the side effects of milk and dairy products as a lot of people associate these two with the reason of getting obese or increase weight. Nonetheless researchers have proved this notion to be wrong arguing that dairy products like yogurt can make one to slimmer compared to those people who have abstained from yogurt. According to studies, yogurt consumption can lead to weight loss of the abdomen through the help of calcium abundantly found in yogurt.

3) Immunological Effects

Another very crucial use of this dairy product that further contributes to the Benefits of Yogurt and that can never be neglected is the fact that the probiotics available in yogurts plays an important role in boosting immune system of the body. Furthermore, these live bacteria helps HIV patients, infants and surgical patients to improve their immunity as they have it in low levels.

4) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is gastrointestinal defect, can be noticed when you either develop abdominal pain, excessive gas, bloating or constipation and diarrhea. IBS develops as a result of the presence of a strange microflora (gut bacteria)which has been associated with the development of the condition.As a result of this, experts have recommended the intake of yogurt which is full of probiotics to redress the effects of the abnormal gut bacteria.

 5) Prevents Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Is Yogurt goof for You? That is undisputedly right! Considering the amounts of nutrients found in the product as seen in the yogurt nutrition above, of course not forgetting the probiotics, you will realize that Yogurt Health Benefits resulting from the live bacteria can help protect and reduce chances of disorders such as crohn’s disease, pouchitis and ulcerative colitis which are related with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

6) Diarrhea

Yogurt Benefits are centered on the live bacteria or probiotics. Pathogenic bacteria in the gut are associated with the cause of diarrhea which is the disruption of the natural balanced microflora in the gut. Probiotic found in yogurt has been found to be powerful to heal diarrhea.

Besides yogurt being a refreshing food, Protein in Yogurt just like other nutrients, plays a great role in boosting immunity. The dairy product has other numerous benefits as seen above and it will be appropriate to affirm that a study on Yogurt Benefits cannot even be concluded in a day.

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