Heart attack (also known as myocardial infarction) is a sign of reduced flow of blood supply and oxygen to the heart.

signs of a heart attack
signs of a heart attack

Heart attack symptoms in men tends to progress with time especially if the telltale signs are not attended to. Men requires more metabolic energy to power daily activities. Men who are obese; with higher BMI>=30 (body mass index) at are a higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

When you see men clutching their chest in movies, there is no doubt some drastic is around the corner. That is how it normally starts, it is no different in real life.

Signs of heart attack in men becomes prominent when are exerted a lot of times, while at some other times, heart attack may show no sign.

What are the symptoms of heart attack?

There are early signs of heart attack that must never be ignored. Cardiac arrest sets in when you ignore the telltale signs at the very onset, signs such as occasional chest pain, feeling a very sharp pain (Angina pectoris) when you lift an heavy object, this are the first heart attack symptoms that must never be overlooked. Myocardial infarction is cutting off or strangulated blood supply to the heart muscles.

The first of the signs of heart attack in men chest tightness and chest pain. Though not all hearts are the same. Sometimes it may just come and go. Other diseases and conditions may produce the same symptoms such as diabetes or acid reflux.

In a study published in the American Journal of Critical Care in 2008, men reported more severe chest pain than women. They were also more likely to say their symptoms were brought on by exertion.

Quoted from WebMD’s – his guide to a heart attack.

In a 2010 study, it was reported that most men wait at least 6 hours before calling for medical emergency, when in actual fact it should be after 5 minutes, before help arrives, it may be too late.

The following are the general symptoms of heart attack:

  1. Chest discomfort. This may present in various forms such buildup of pressure within the chest, feeling of heaviness on one side of the heart especially the left side.
  2. Chest pain which extends to the arms and the abdominal region. This pain may spread to the arms, it is most noticeable on the arm, neck, stomach, the back such pains warrants a 911 emergency.
  3. Shortness of breath.
  4. Lightheadedness dizziness.
  5. If you notice that while lifting a heavy object, you feel a sharp pain on the left hand side of your chest, and the pain seems to be persistent, it is a sign that heart attack is imminent.

Heart attack symptoms in men may remain untreated for a long time due to its occasional asymptomatic nature. This is majorly attributed to men’s active nature.

Signs and symptoms of heart attack in men

The following are the signs of heart attack in men:

  1. Irregular heart beats
  2. Chest squeezing that lasts for more than 30 minutes
  3. Tingling and numbness in your extremities.
  4. Intense headache.
  5. Profuse sweating for no apparent reason(s).
  6. Nausea accompanied with urge to vomit.
  7. Vision becomes blurry.
  8. Loss of mental coordination.

Heart attack symptoms show up when these signs are ignored for an extended period of time, though sometimes, heart attack may be asymptomatic, little wonder Center for Disease Control (CDC) mentioned in a study that 50% of men die from coronary heart diseases because they were asymptomatic.

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