As in men, women also experience heart attack. What happens in movies when men clutches their chest, holding it like it is going to fall out of its place may look quite dramatic but it is not, as a woman can also be a victim. It may happen so fast that if 9-1-1 is not called within 5 minutes, it may be over, just in a snap of a second.

Heart attack symptoms in women
Heart attack symptoms in women

Author Dr Laxmi Mehta, a heart specialist at The Ohio State University, says in a statement: “Despite stunning improvements in cardiovascular deaths over the last decade, women still fare worse than men and heart disease in women remains underdiagnosed, and undertreated, especially among African-American women.” Quote from: webmd

General symptoms of heart attack

The following are the general heart attack symptoms noticeable both in men and women:

  1. Profuse perspiration and sweating without any apparent cause.
  2. Increased Fatigue.
  3. Loss of mental coordination.
  4. Vision becomes blurry.
  5. Fainting spell under further exertion.
  6. Confusion, inability to maintain concentration.
  7. Trouble breathing.

Symptoms of heart attack in women

Heart attack symptoms are often times similar in both men and women but in reality, men exert themselves more than women.

Women may experience heart attack without pressure buildup in the chest. Signs of heart attack could at times be mistaken for flu, acid reflux, or signs of old age but in reality, this could result in fatal consequences especially when heart attack sets in in a fast procession. The following below shows a list of peculiar heart attack symptoms in women:

  1. Persistent migraine which doesn’t go away, often tends to one side of the head.
  2. Sickly feeling to the stomach, this may be confused with early pregnancy symptoms.
  3. Women are generally more likely to experience shortness of breath and jaw or back pain.

Noticeable signs of heart attack in women when heart attack is in sight

The following are signs of heart attack in women are noticeable when heart attack is in sight, they are slightly different from what men experience when heart attack sets in:

  1. Chest pain also known as Angina pectoris is often one of the first signs of heart attack. Treating it on time may prevent you from having a heart attack. Women has more tendency of developing plaques in the arteries which also may complicate heart attack symptoms especially angina pain.
  2. Shortness of breath. You may feel you are going out of air when this sets in especially after an aerobic exercise or climbing the stairs. This may get out of hand quickly in women than in men.
  3. Pain in the center of the chest that tends to spread to the back between the shoulders.
  4. Heart flutter.
  5. Paleness of the skin.
  6. This may not be a sign of heart attack when experienced without other signs showing up.
  7. Women experience heart burn as a complimentary sign of imminent heart attack.

Heart attack symptoms are slightly different from what men experience, the symptoms also are recurrent possibly due to the fact the level of care given to women is not as detailed as it is for men.

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