Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C virus primarily infects the liver cells with debilitating effect that may alter one’s life and put such on a long life health-care support. Hepatitis C may be spread through blood to blood contact, intravenous needles, blood transfusion and through sexual contact with multiple sexual partners and those infected with sexually transmitted infection. Tattooing and sharing personal items such as razor has also been indicated as means of transmission of hep c.

Contact with the virus antibodies trigger the development of hepatitis C with several complications (in life-long cases) into liver failure, liver cirrhosis, esophageal varices etc. Hep C treatment options abounds, however, most of the drugs have drastic side-effects.

Hepatitis C Treatment
Hepatitis C Treatment

Is hepatitis c contagious? Yes very contagious, but not through traditional means such as sharing spoons and fork. Is hepatitis c curable? Yes it is curable. Actually there is no vaccine against hepatitis C at the moment but cure for Hep C has been researched for quite an age now with successful clinical trials that produce good results however it depends on the status of the disease whether it Is acute or chronic as this will determine the prognosis of Hep c treatment options.

According to Wikipedia report,

an estimated 130-200million people are infected with hepatitis c with 11million new cases occurring every year with majority of these cases found in Africa, central and East Asia.

Constant cure for hepatitis c has been much advocated for so much of recent and that is the focus of this article. Hepatitis c treatment may be combined with other antiviral medications that can fight viral infection strains thus preventing complications of hepatitis C such as cirrhosis and liver failure.

Hepatitis C treatments may last for as long as 12 weeks to a year especially in chronic cases. People who had acute hepatitis C may not know early due to its asymptomatic nature at that stage but as it progresses, several signs such as jaundice, abdominal pain and yellow-tinged skin which confirms the presence of bilirubin in the blood serum.

Hep c cure option can commence after a positive diagnosis of hepatitis c viral load confirmed by a positive HCV antibody; diagnosis of compensated liver disease, and it has to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The following are examples of hepatitis C treatment options:

1. Liver transplantation

This may occur if the liver is severely damaged due to cirrhosis or hardening of liver cells over time as this damage oftentimes are not reversible. So a compatible donor who can donate one or two of their liver lobe might be needed as the case may be, also harvested organs may be used for this treatment option. Patients who underwent transplantation surgery do experience relapse after the surgery but a post-op ribarivin and pegylated interferon works great at preventing reoccurrence of the disease.

2. Hepatitis C drugs

Another hepatitis c cure is using drug combinations such as acyclovir, Simeprevir and ribavirin, peginterferon. About 90% of all discovered chronic cases has been reported to be successful through the use of peginterferon and ribavirin combination.

3. Synergistic treatment

Synergistic treatment of sofosbuvir with ribavirin and interferon appears to be stronger and effective as a hepatitis c cure due to its clearance effect on almost all genotypes of hepatitis c virus indicated in the transmission of the disease.

4. Palliative care

Another Hep c cure plan is palliative care, it doesn’t involve using antiviral drugs like the options mentioned above and it is often administered by palliative care providers who helps to control the side effects of the medications. It is only good for those who needs lifestyle adjustment. Providers can help your relatives understand how to support you while undergoing treatments.

Hepatitis c treatment prognosis may be measured by sustained antiviral response (SVR) for >=24weeks after treatment has been stopped.

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