Have you been worried about whether or not to see a doctor or to self-medicate a bronchitis infection? Well, none of the two options are bad. However, the reason you are wondering is probably because you don’t have enough knowledge about the disease.

home remedies for bronchitis
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Bronchitis is a disease that affects the mucus membrane in the lungs.It is characterized by persistent cough and phlegmy coughing. There are various home remedies for bronchitis. However, whether or not you should treat bronchitis at home or at the hospital is dependent on the kind of bronchitis you are infected with. Bronchitis may be acute or chronic. The acute bronchitis is not a serious or severe disorder and it can be subjected to home treatment. On the contrary, chronic bronchitis is a serious health complicationwhich must be reported to a health centre as soon as possible.

There are preventive things you can do to avoid or reduce the severity of both acute and chronic bronchitis.


Doctors recommend staying at home, keeping the body warm, and drinking a lot of liquids or fluids.


Chronic is a much severe case and doctors usually recommend staying away from people with cold as well as polluted environments – Some workers may be advised to quit their jobs.


When you want to get rid of acute bronchitis at home, you can always count on these home remedies to do the trick.

1. Honey

home remedies for bronchitis

Honey is noted to contain various antibacterial and antiviral properties which make it an effective combatant against bacterial and viral induced complications in the body, including skin issues.

What does it do? Its nutrients are immune system boosters which help the body to fight off the infection. It also serves as a soothing relief to the throat.

  • Mix a spoon or two of honey with your usual breakfast tea and drink it.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water, squeeze some drops of lemon juice into it and stir up. Drink this for an instant relief from throat discomfort and nasal congestion.
  • You may also make a paste of pepper, ginger clove powder and honey. This paste helps in reducing the burning sensations in the chest or throat as well as decongesting the nose.


You can’t forget salt when talking about bronchitis home remedies. Just like it does for treating sinusitis, salt is capable of tearing through the thick mucus that may be responsible for the bronchial membrane irritations.

  • Boil some clean water and allow it to warm down
  • Add some salt and stir to form a solution– too much salt can also cause burning sensations in the throat.)

Drink this solution for as many as 2 – 4times a day for maximum relief.


Ginger ranks high among the best home remedies for bronchitis. Ginger can serve the purpose of moistening and decongesting congested sinuses or noses caused by bronchitis.  Moreover, it is able to heal bronchial channels or tubes that may be inflamed or sore.

  • You can make a mixture of ground ginger, clove powder and cinnamon. Pour this powdery mixture into a glass or cup of water and drink two or three times a day for effective relief.
  • Alternatively, you can make a tea with one teaspoon of ginger powder, black pepper and boiled water. Allow it some time to cool down to a warm temperature, add some honey and stir. Drinking this twice daily should serve you a good course.


home remedies for bronchitis

This remedy is recommended for getting rid or reducing persistent cough, sore throat and breathlessness caused by bronchitis.

  • A few drops of oregano oil in the mouth will work the magic. Try to drop it beneath the tongue so that it may gradually work its way down the throat.


No one needs telling that oranges contain vitamin C. As we may all know, vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system. This helps the body to get rid of acute bronchitis so that it doesn’t mature into chronic bronchitis. It also aids in the healing and repair of inflamed bronchiole tissues. For these reasons, it is listed among bronchitis home remedies.

  • You may drink a lot of oranges every day.
  • Alternatively, you may mix some orange juice with a teaspoon of almonds as a remedy for bronchitis induced sore throat.


bronchitis home remedies

Turmeric has been described by some as the best home or natural treatment for bronchitis. It is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that extract superfluous mucus. This remedy works best when taken in on an empty stomach. People with medical problems such as jaundice, gall bladder or kidney stones, stomach ulcers etc. shouldn’t dare trying this.

  • Pour some milk into a glass and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Stir and boil for some few minutes
  • Allow it to cool to a warm temperature, not cold, and drink it.


Why is garlic among bronchitis home remedies? Like honey, garlic also possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it an effective natural remedy for bronchitis.

  • Pour some milk into a glass.
  • Chop some pieces of garlic into it.
  • Boil or warm the garlic and milk.
  • Drink it whiles warm for a soothing relief.


Sesame seeds can’t be left out. They have special properties that help relieve chest tightening and chest pains caused by bronchitis.

  • Make a mixture of sesame seeds, honey and linseed (a teaspoon each) as well as a little salt. Consume this every night before sleep for a great relief of chest pains.
  • Alternatively, you may mix powdered sesame seeds with a glass of water and drink for maximum relief.

These eight remedies are the best home remedies for bronchitis that you can get. However, there may be other home remedies for bronchitis you may use such as using Eucalyptus oil in a steam therapy or warm compress, an Epsom salt bath, taking in onion juice on an empty stomach and many other home remedies.

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