Coughing ceases to be normal when they become so rampant and regular. They could be the resulting effect of an illness, allergic reaction or irritation of sensory nerves in the lungs and mucus membranes or as a result of a blockage in the airway passages in the lungs. Common causes of coughing are viral infections, flu, smoking, common cold, tuberculosis, asthma and lung cancer.

home remedies for cough

No matter how long cough may have bothered you, you can stop it by using some very simple natural remedies for cough.  Let’s take a look at some of the available natural cough remedies.


The following home remedies for cough may be used for stopping worrisome coughs.


Ginger is indisputably the most widely used natural home remedy for cough.

  • Chop some fresh ginger into pieces and grind them
  • Boil some water and pour into a cup
  • Add the ground ginger to the cup of hot water and stir
  • Now, drink this solution for a relief from coughing.


home remedies for cough

Turmeric is here again and among cough home remedies. Works effectively for getting rid of coughs, especially dry coughs.

  • Boil some water and pour into a cup
  • Make a mixture of one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of pepper (black pepper)with the boiled water. You may add honey as well for taste enhancement and throat smoothening.
  • Drink this as your home remedy for cough.


We all know how powerful garlic is. It is named among natural cough remedies. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial which eliminates the presence of cough causing bacteria from the lungs.

  • Chop some cloves of garlic into water and boil
  • Add one teaspoon of oregano to it and allow the temperature to cool down.
  • Add honey to the mixture and drink this for massive improvement.

Alternatively;you may add more garlic to meals when cooking or eat ground or crushed garlic with some fresh honey for a soothing relief.


home remedies for cough

Lemons are also natural remedies for cough which stop or reduce inflammation. They also contain vitamin C which is essential for fighting infections.

  • You may add a tablespoon of honey to two tablespoons of lemon juice and drink. You may do this for as many as three or four times in a day.

Alternatively, you can blend some lemons with honey and cayenne pepper and drink as your home remedy for cough.


Named among cough home remedies, cayenne pepper is also good for this purpose as it decongests congested sinuses and mucus membranes in the lungs. They relieve the victims too from cough related chest pains.

  • In addition to other cough home remedies, add more cayenne pepper to foods


home remedies for cough

Just like other important vegetables, carrots contain very important nutrients and vitamins. Some of these nutrients are very good for relief from the various kinds of coughs.

  • Grind or blend some carrots to obtain a juice
  • Add water to it and add one teaspoon of honey for an enhanced taste.
  • Drink this as many as four times a day to see massive changes.


Onionsare home remedies for cough. They are antibacterial hence, kill bacteria that cause coughs. You may make natural cough remedies by:

  • Inhaling the strong scents from onion.
  • Make syrup with onion juice, honey and comfrey tea. Drink this for a rapid relief from dry cough.
  • Mix a teaspoon of pure honey and 1.5 teaspoons of onion fluid and drink it every day for effective combat of coughs.


Grapes are proven to be natural expectorants which push out unwanted mucus from the respiratory system.

  • Just eat a good amount of grapes each day as a home remedy for cough.


home remedies for cough

Almonds are equally as helpful as many other cough home remedies.

  • Soak a reasonable number of almonds in water for a number of hours (8-10hours)
  • Create a paste from it and add some butter as well.
  • Eat this daily for an effective relief from cough


Warm salt and water solutions are very good natural remedies for cough as well. Salt helps disinfect bacteria infected areas that may cause irritations in the lungs. They also thin out the mucus which may trigger coughs.

  • Dissolve some salt in water and gargle for about 5minutes every day.

This is especially good for those who may experience sore throats in addition to coughs.

These ten home remedies for cough are the best you can use. One advantage of their use is the minimal side effects associated with them. Other natural remedies for cough you may use at home for cough treatment include; warm tea or liquids, sleeping with the head inclined or using pillows, blowing more often etc.

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