I believe Kevin Ashton,co-founder of AutoID(the company that first developed the internet of things concept) is a legend. However it is the internet of things companies which are putting this plan in motion who are true heroes. Sooner than later, they will be smiling all the way to the bank.

I must confess that I had never heard the term ‘Internet of things’ until today. Its concept though, I can relate to.

Devices are embedded with chips which enable them to relay data with one another with little or no human involvement. Possibly, the way we live could be transformed by connecting every item to the internet. Truly, an Internet of Things (IoT).

Tons of connected devices means tons of data, diverse ways of manipulating structures and stack-loads of cash.

IoT is already in effect. This piece presents what the leading Internet of things companies are bringing to the table.


Internet Of Things

Major strides aren’t expected in the Internet of Things industry until 2020. For the time being, the largest market will be Smart home technology like thermostats and smart-watches, developed by Nest, a company Google bought for $3.2 million. Google is promising massive cloud space too.


Internet Of Things

Cisco is one of the internet of things companies investing heavily already calling it the Internet of Everything. They are putting a lot into networking infrastructure that the devices will communicate with.

3. GE

Internet Of Things

GE predicts that IoT will add some $50 trillion to global GDP in 20 years and save lives. So, they have developed a platform to prevent unplanned downtime with real-time analytics.


Internet Of Things

Dell wants to be at the endpoint of device connectivity, offering storage and analytics. Their new Internet of Things lab in Silicon Valley will help them do just that.


Internet Of Things

Bosch is an enabler of Internet of Things. Their vision to maintain devices is the piece IoT has be lacking thus far. It’s complete now.


Internet Of Things

If Google is investing cash then expect to see Microsoft in close competition. Already, this tech giant is developing user-friendly Internet of Things templates. With such vision, Microsoft is on course to be the hub for users of Internet of Things.


Internet Of Things

70% of devices linked through internet of things companies could be hacked, HP says. Samsung says that by 2020, all its devices will be IoT ready. They have made ARM chips for that.


Internet Of Things

If things will be connected together, all those things will need some chips to work. Who else to do that than the microprocessor giants, Intel. They aren’t slacking either as their recently rolled out low-power and Atom processors are aimed at IoT.


Internet Of Things

When it comes to leading Internet of things companies, Huawei cannot be left out. They dream IoT. LiteOS, released last year is the only micro operating system for IoT devices, they say.

10. HP

Internet Of Things

According to Business Insider, Internet of Things devices will outperform the phones tablets and pcs combined. This explains HP’s quick move to acquire Acura and develop hardware of IoT.

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