How can you mend a broken heart

You might be saying within yourself that my heart is broken and you might be wondering in the same vein on how to fix a broken heart. The whole essence of this article is to tell you ways through which you can mend a broken heart. Getting over a broken heart requires some kind of step by step process which will be provided further down this article and if followed mending a broken heart or even healing a broken heart will be a very easy process. You might then be asking yourself on how best to heal your heart that has been broken by the man or woman that you love with the whole of your heart.

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How can you mend a broken heart?

The following are the step by step process on how you can heal your broken heart:

1: Learn to accept the pain that you are going through

How can you mend a broken heart

“my heart is broken” you might say and the only solution to this is accepting the fact that you are going through some kind of pain due to the fact that you are either going through the pain of the loss of a loved one or that the man or woman that means so much to you just broke up with you. It is best to learn how to accept it and then go through it than for you to try and go around it while you are living in a false world.

2: Turn your life around

How can you mend a broken heart

Try as much as you can to turn your life around no matter how you feel. This is so because no matter how many times you tell people “my heart is broken” does not answer the question on how can you mend a broken heart? Fixing a broken heart is the best way of turning your life around. What you will have to do is to take all the things that will ever remind you of your loved one out of your sight until you are really through from grieving. Stop playing the songs that will remind you of your loved one, stop looking at the pictures of your loved one until you are really through with the grieve.

3: Watch your thoughts

How can you mend a broken heart

Fixing a broken heart starts from within and this is simply because the heart is within. Try to watch and change your line of thought whenever your thoughts want to tilt towards your loved one that you are trying to get over. Getting over heartbreak can only be made possible through a complete break from the person that you want to get over. Never allow your thoughts to derail to the thoughts of your ex or even your dead loved one. Try looking for things with which to preoccupy yourself with for as long as you can.

4: Believe in love again

How can you mend a broken heart

When you believe that you are not worthless and you also believe firmly that you will find love again after all that has happened to you most especially if you are dealing with the issue of an ex leaving you for another man or woman, then you will need to know that believing in love will help you in getting over heartbreak of any kind. Believe in the fact that you are good and an asset to any man or woman that will come across your way, when you do that, you will be able get over the heartbreak. It is very necessary and important to state here that believing in love again does not mean that you should go into a relationship with the first man or woman that comes across your way after you broke up with your ex. It is necessary that you give yourself time to heal before going ahead to find love again.

5: Make a list of your strong points

my heart is broken

There is a good need for you to make a list of all your strong points because it will help you get over your grief. Make a good list where you will be highlighting your good points which can be seen as a one of the boosters to your getting over the hurt and pain that you are feeling as a result of the heartbreak. These strong points will go a long way to encouraging you about the fact that some other man or woman will notice these your strong points and will end up having a meaningful and a long lasting relationship with you. It is important that you let these strong points to rule you as staying positive is the only way through which you can attract a partner of your choice.

6: Be a source of help

my heart is broken

To be able to get over your pain and hurt, there is a need for you to try to use the way you feel to help someone else that is feeling bad as well. Being a source of help to someone is a very good way of getting over your hurt. Sharing what you feel with someone else and encouraging the person will also help you to get over such a feeling. You can also get over all the hurt and pain that you are feeling by writing about it, making fun of it and having a good laugh which might turn into a good cry later on. When you write about what you are feeling and using it to encourage someone is a great way of getting over a heart break.

7: Laugh it off

my heart is broken

Having a good laugh will always help you get over any kind of hurt and this is simply because laughter is always a good antidote for pain and hurt.

8: Rebrand your world

my heart is broken

Rebranding your world is the last but not the least of the ways of getting over a heart break that will be mentioned. Making new friends that never knew about your previous relationship will always help you move on in life.


In conclusion, it is necessary that you stop telling people such things as my heart is broken because that is what will make you wallow in self pity and pain longer than you ordinarily should. Getting over a heart break should be done as soon as possible because that is when you will be able to get over the heartbreak fast. Being a firm believer of love, there is a very great possibility of your meeting someone whose love will simply blow your mind away. Finding love will always help you in getting over your broken relationship as well as helping you to remove every form of hurt, resentment and depression.

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