Mono also known as mononucleosis (nicknamed kissing disease) is a very infectious infection. Children and young adults are most liable to be infected through body fluids, adults do not get infected easily due the acquired immunity they may have had to mono virus. The Epstein-barr virus (EBV) that causes mononucleosis is commonly found in saliva, mucus, so it can be easily passed through kissing thus the name- kissing disease.

How long does mono last
How long does mono last? Is mono contagious?

Have you been infected in past? In this article you will learn the following:

1. How you can be infected with mononucleosis

2. How long mononucleosis lasts

3. Is mono contagious

Starting from the last on the list, is mono contagious? And how long does mono last? Yes it is very contagious. Mono virus may stay in your body for life but in dormant form, so that does not mean that you are contagious, however, infectious mononucleosis (mono) may only become contagious and infectious when the virus is active.

So how do you get mono? Mononucleosis may be transmitted through body fluids, this is very common in sexually active. You may have the virus without knowing especially when it is in dormant form, so in this form you are only a carrier so how infectious mononucleosis is will be determined by the state it was when transmitted, whether it is active or dormant, so also it has an incubation period of about 30-50 days.

Mononucleosis on most occasions won’t cause any symptoms except if you have compromised immune system. However if you experience symptoms related to spleen enlargement it’s important that you refrain from any arduous task or spotting activities that may put too much pressure on your spleen.

Doctors and researchers are not exactly sure how long mononucleosis virus stays in the body but several reports have suggested that people still transmit the virus long after their symptoms are gone.

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