How many calories in a banana
How many calories in a banana

Many times when tourists visit wild animals’ reserves they carry bananas in their backpacks not for their consumption for they already carry with themselves lots of other food stuffs to eat when they get hungry. The bananas are meant to be a treat for the monkeys and other omnivorous animals present in the reserves. Little do most of them know the nutrition value of the fruit, lest they wouldn’t have given the bananas to the monkeys.

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Ingredients of Banana

To understand what bananas contain is vital so as to establish the Health Benefits of Banana, but it will be equally important to know How many Calories in a Banana makes an add up to its ingredients. 1 medium size (7” to 7-7/8” (118g) has 105 calories with 0.4g from fat, carbohydrates 27g and proteins 1.3g to list but a few of other Calories in a Banana.

Health Benefits of Banana

Among millions of health benefits that come with the eating of fruits, Health Benefits of Banana are too numerous to mention or list. The benefits of this fruit go from boosting your social life as well as improving and sustaining your very health. Some of the Health Benefits of Banana are as listed below.

1. Helps overcome depression

One of the most exceptionalBenefits of Banana includes the charming ability to overcome depression. Banana has a property referred to as tryptophan which, when eaten, converts to the happy-moodscientifically known as serotonin.

2. Sustains blood sugar

Maintaining blood sugar is another crucial aspect of the Benefits of Banana. Banana is rich in sugar energy required during a vigorous exercise. The sugar lost during this time might be replaced by a consistent eating of bananas. This will also help maintain your blood sugar.

3. Prevention of Muscle Cramps

Regular eating of bananas will keep you safe from muscle cramps during exercises and while sleeping at night.

4. Mineral Providers

Mineral supply cannot be singled out from the Benefits of Banana as they are readily available in the fruit, bananas are rich in calcium, potassium and sodium to mention a few. Calcium lost during urination can be replaced through eating banana.

5. Protection against High Blood Pressure

The sole status of banana having high potassium concentration and low sodium concentration is another exclusive of all the Benefits of Banana. This feature gives banana the merit to keep the cardiovascular out of the danger of blood pressure defects.

6. Helps Digestion

Banana fruit is rich in fiber just like many of other fruits, however it is quite unimaginable to know that one banana is capable of providing one with their 10% daily fiber, which will help them control constipation among other digestive glitches.

7. Prevents Diabetes type II

Banana Health Benefitsare bound to make you change the notion that they only do best for monkeys. The high level of Vitamin B6 is vital in preventing Diabetes Type II disease.

8. Improves and Maintain Vision

According to the National Institute of Health, bananas have a significant amount of Vitamin A which is responsible for maintaining a normal vision and also increase sight at night.

9. Strengthens Bones

Even though bananas are not highly concentrated with Calcium, the readily available amount is essential for bone strengthening property. Regular eating of banana will help your bones.

10. Reduce Risk of Cancer

Recent studies such as that of 2005 by Swedish researchers indicates that women who regularly eat vegetables and fruits, bananas included, reduce by 40% the risk of getting kidney cancer.

11. Speeds Recovery From smoking withdrawal

Banana is rich in Vitamin B these help to quickly heal from the urge to take another cigarette puff after you have quit smoking. The B-Vitamins are strengthened by the presence of Magnesium and Potassium.

The essence of learning Banana Nutritionis aimed at improving your diet and make you understand that it is possible to keep a doctor away by simply being knowledgeable of Banana Nutrition facts. After learning of Banana Nutrition, it is also important to learn of Banana Nutrition Factsto help us in answering the question, “Are Bananas good for you?”

Banana Nutrition Facts

1 Medium-sized banana contains 105 calories= 0.4g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 1mg Sodium, 422mg, 27g Carbohydrates, 3.1g Fiber, 14g sugar, 1.3g Protein as well as Vitamins A, B-12, D and Calcium.

Banana Benefits have been researched on by a range of institutes and individual researchers who have had similar recommendations and discoveries. And one of the most outstanding benefit among Banana Benefits is the ability to protect from chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes.

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