How many calories in an apple
How many calories in an apple

They say Health is Wealth and this wealth can be obtained from a healthy lifestyle which definitely originate from our eating habits. Healthy eating will mean healthy life, conversely, poor eating habits will automatically contribute to bad health to some degree. And this healthy eating is complemented by the eating of fruits such as apples which are exclusively ideal for a healthy life.

How many Calories in an Apple?

An apple of 100g medium size contains 47.5 kcal with 11.3g of Carbohydrates, 0.4g Protein, 0.1g Fat and 1.8g of Fiber. The presence of Calories in an Apple is an essential component that builds up the overall Health benefits of Apples. The breakdown of Calories in Apple explains the amount of energy an apple has when eaten. A small apple of about 67g without the core has 34 kcal, medium Apple without the core has 51 kCal whilst a large apple of 153g has 78kCal. The amount Calories in an Apple therefore, is the determinant factor of the Benefits of Apples.

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Health Benefits of Apples are very important to our knowledge of how to deal with different disease preventions. Apples are rich in antioxidants which are crucial in preventing a range of diseases.

Benefits of Apples

1. Growth and development

Apples contain phtyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidant swhich are responsible for general wellness of the body and promote growth and development of the body and different parts.

2. Prevent absorption of dietary-LDL

Despite the fact that apples have low content of calories, they are rich in fiber that help to control the amount of cholesterol in the gut. This is one of the major Apple Health Benefits as far as cancer is concerned. The same fiber protects the mucous membrane from exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in the colon.

3. Protects from deleterious effects of free radicals.

The antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenolics present in the apples are important compounds responsible for the protection of the body from free radicals.

4. Reduce tooth decay

One of the most interesting Benefits of apples includes the ability to whiten ones teeth. Apples increases the level of saliva production in one’s mouth on the other hand reduce the level of bacteria in the mouth thereby preventing tooth decay.

5. Liver Detoxification

In our daily life we ingest great amounts of toxic content in our bodies from the food and drinks that we consume. The liver is often overworked to remove the toxins, eating fruits like apples is one of great Benefits of Apples as this will help to energize the liver through detoxification.

6. Prevention of Cataracts

Recent studies have indicated that Benefits of Apples would be incomplete if the apples wouldn’t have been one of the best means of preventing cataracts for their rich content of antioxidants.

7. Balance your Weight

Many, including terminal diseases, are associated with the issue of being obese. If you really want to know one of the natural Benefits of Apples that will keep your weight under control as recommended by doctors, is none other than eating of fiber rich foods and apples are rich in these fiber.

8. Help prevent Diabetes

According to studies, people who frequently eat apples have 28% chances of not developing type 2 diabetes unlike those who hardly have a bite of an apple. Apples have soluble fiber which has the properties responsible for lessening sugar fluctuates.

9. Reduce Cholesterol

Benefits of Apples though comparable to some degree, they are unique in more than one way. Did you know that apples are one of the costless way to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body without having to visit your doctor? The rich fiber helps in dissolving excess fat.

10. Prevent Gallstones

Too much cholesterol leads to formation of gallstones in the bile. High fiber food stuffs have been proven by the doctors to treat gallstones, apples are simply the reachable option.

11. Reduce chances of Stroke Disease

According to a study carried out among 9,208 men it was revealed that those who ate apples in large quantities within a space of 28 years had lower chances of getting stroke.

12. Prevent Dementia

Different studies have discovered that eating of apples protects oxidation of neuro cells that results from neurotoxicity consequently protection from neurodegenerative disorders.

13. Prevents breast Cancer

Series of studies including that done by Cornell researcher RuiHai Liu, it has been proved that eating of apples helps reduce chances of developing breast cancer as apples just like other fruits have phenolics  which have critical benefits.

Apple Nutrition Facts

A 100g (media-sized) apple contains 95 calories in which carbohydrates contribute to the great amount. Besides apples contain water, protein and fiber among others. However apples are majorly rich in two nutrients and that is carbohydrates and water as well as fiber which boosts colon health and control blood sugar.

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