According to many human studies ever done on planet on the Health Benefits of Eggs it has been discovered that eggs are among the few foods that can be grouped under supper foods. Eggs are rich in nutrients according to Egg Nutrition Facts that explains the amount of Calories in an Egg and answers to the question, How many Calories in an Egg makes up the nutrition breakdown of eggs.

how many calories in an egg
how many calories in an egg

In case you did not know, there are 78 Calories in an Egg of about50g along with other numerous nutrients including minerals and vitamins. We will progressively find out How many Calories in an Egg are worth being taken daily from what serving size of an egg.

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Talking of Health Benefits of Eggs? Be sure to empty your memory to create enough space for remembrance because Eggs Health Benefits are uncountable. Therefore, what are the Benefits of Eggs?

1) Source of Choline

Among the Benefits Eggs, interestingly, choline presence has not been noticed by many people. This compound which is abundantly in eggs, is grouped among vitamin Bs and is greatly depended on by the body to produce cell membranes and communication molecules in the brain.

2) Vision

Another crucial of the Benefits of Eggs the power to improve your vision. As one advances in age there are likely chances that their eyesight begins to diminish. Eggs are readily enriched with Lutein and Zeaxanthin nutrients which work as antioxidants and form in the retina of the various positive benefits.According to studies, consumption of eggs will reduce the risk of eye disorders including cataracts and macular degeneration.

The part of an egg that is concentrated with Lutein and Zeaxanthin is the egg yolk. According to Egg yolk Nutritionfacts, if you will eat 1.3 egg yolks on a daily basis repeatedly for about four weeks, the Lutein and Zeaxanthin levels in the blood will rise up to28-50% and 114-142% respectively.

Egg Benefits for your eyes do not end there, important to mention too is the role played by vitamin A. Vitamin A supports the eye vision a great deal by reducing the chances of blindness. Lack of vitamin A has been characterized as the major cause of blindness.

3) Bone Protection

As you may already be knowing, vitamin D plays an important role in strengthening of our bones and helps in the maintenance of bones and absorption of calcium. For that reason, eggs, along with other dairy products, help in protection against osteoporosis.

4) Healthy Hair and Nails

Because of the presence of minerals, vitamins and amino acids containing sulphur found in eggs, the food gets the merit to boost a hair and nails health in a great way. Poor quality of hair and nails reflects a poor biochemical balance in the body. Eggs facilitates faster growth of hair and nails as they poses great content of minerals such as zinc, and other vitamins.

5) Eggs do not increase cholesterol in the body

Despite eggs having some amounts of cholesterol of about 210mg in an egg yolk, they have very thin reasons for the increase of cholesterol level in the blood. Studies have endeavored to dispel doubts relating eggs with coronary heart disease as believed by many people to be caused by intake of eggs.

After learning of those selected Benefits of eggs, what do you think, Are Eggs Good for you?This sounds as an individual question that only you yourself are worth answering.

Above egg nutrition facts, Egg White Nutritionis also worth paying attention to as the amount of calories in egg white is different from the general number of Egg Calories found in an egg. Egg White Nutrition facts of serving size of about 1.2 oz of an egg includes: 17 calories with 0.1g of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 55mg of sodium, 3.6 of protein, 0.2g of carbohydrates together with vitamins and minerals. However, Calories in Boiled Eggs are significantly few, 17 in number with the highest amount of 3.6g coming from protein

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