The goal of every married man should be how to be a good husband.  A good husband is a man that has the desire to always please his wife and make her happy. A man that is always intending to bring out the best in his wife will always be seen as a good husband by all including his wife. Husband and wife love is such that places responsibilities on both the man and the woman. Being a good husband is one of the greatest characteristic that makes the husband and wife love to grow in a marital relationship and it is part of what will make the marriage and the home a happy one that the children will like to emulate when they grow up.

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How to be a good husband

The following are some of the things that you will need to do in order for you to be seen as a good husband and it will also help make the husband and wife love to grow:

1: Talk to her as a woman and not as a man

how to be a good husband

For you to have a good husband and wife relationship, there is a need for you to always remember that your wife is a woman and not a man and as such she should not be spoken to as though she is a man. Men are always insulting and argumentative in nature when they are among themselves and this they feel is right because they feel that they are being sincere, truthful and straight forward. Girls are not that way, girls feel insulted when you talk to them the same way that you will talk to your buddy. To maintain a good husband and wife relationship, you will need to talk to your wife like a lady. Don’t let her feel insulted by talking to her like a man.

2: Appreciate her feelings and don’t control her

how to be a good husband

Husband wife relationship is such that requires that they respect the feelings of each other. Don’t assume that what you feel is right is what she will also like because you are two different individuals that were brought up in two different families with two different ideologies. Don’t control her by making her always do things just the way you like. Your being a man does not make her inferior to you neither does it make you superior to her. Always telling you wife what to do will make her feel bad and this will not go down well in your relationship after some time.

3: Be romantic with her all the time

how to be a good husband

Women thrive a lot on romance and to maintain a good husband wife relationship, you need to be romantic with her. What makes a good husband is the ability to always be romantic with your wife because that is what she wants. A woman will always love the man that treats her like a Queen every single day of her life. Romance is the key to the heart of a woman as a woman thrives on being treated very nice. A woman will always blossom when her husband does not forget how to be romantic with her. This also goes to affect the husband and wife relationship in bed.

4: Show her much attention

how to be a good husband

To have a god wife and husband relationship, you will need to pay great and undivided attention to your wife; women love such things. You can do this by listening to her when she is talking to you. Listening to her should not be with half concentration, the listening should be done with full concentration not while you are busy on your personal computer or even on any of your smart phones. When you listen to her, let her know that she has your full concentration and this will make her feel very special and loved by you her husband.

5: Support her; don’t act like you are her father

husband and wife relationship

She married her husband and not her father and as such you should treat her so. Wife and husband relationship gets spoilt when the man treats his wife as though she is his daughter and not his wife. When your wife complains about a situation, don’t act like her father by telling her what to do or what she should have done because you are not her father, just make her feel special by feeling sorry for her that such a thing happened and letting her know that you felt real bad that such a thing happened to her. Husband wife love grows when all these tidbits are put to use in matrimonial homes.

6: Keep getting better

husband and wife relationship

For husband wife love to keep growing, it is important that the husband works at getting better. There is no better way to make her know that you love her except by working at being a better husband than she can ever imagine you to be. Building trust in a relationship is made possible by two people who are determined to make their relationship work no matter what the circumstance may look like. Keep getting better at being a loving and caring husband and you will soon discover that you are building trust in a relationship that deserves to last forever.

7: Respect the marriage vow

husband and wife relationship

There is a need for you to respect the marriage vow once you are married. Being faithful and loyal will always make you the kind of husband that every woman wishes to have. The beauty of having a husband is when you discover that he is faithful to the marriage vow between the two of you. A marriage that is built on trust and respect to the marital vows will always lead to a happy ever after kind of marriage that will always be envied by all those that are around.

In every relationship, it is imperative for the couple to work together to make their marriage work as the success or otherwise of a marriage is not the sole responsibility of just one of the parties. It is the responsibility of the husband and the wife that are in love and in the marital relationship.