In every mature adult intimate relationship, there is always a need for love making and lovemaking is usually initiated through kissing. It is very good to know how to be a good kisser because knowing how to kiss and all the kissing techniques is paramount to being a good lover. A good kisser is someone that knows how to kiss to ignite a high level of orgasm on the part of his or her partner. Knowing how to be a good kisser will help make your partner remain faithful to you because of the way you make him or her feel during a very good kissing and love making bout. Kissing goes a very long way in determining the intimacy level between a couple.

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How to kiss

A good kisser is someone that knows how to use a kiss to show his or her partner that he or she is loved and appreciated. The following are some of the astonishing facts that I came to realize about kissing and kissing techniques after an experiment; it is what to do to make you a good kisser:

1) Look and smell great:

How to be a good kisser

One of the first kiss tips that will be mentioned here is that you must look and smell great. The way you look is what will make the man want to kiss you and the way you smell (body and mouth) will make him go all the way with the kiss. A bad breath or a bad body smell will definitely put him off so ladies, chew a mint and use a body spray right before meeting with him for a good kiss. One of the kissing tips for girls is to carry lip balm that will be applied on the lips to make their lips soft and full.

2) Kissing is very important:

Every good kisser knows that one of the ways of knowing how to be a great kisser is by acknowledging that kissing is very important because it goes to show a deep level of intimacy between the couple and it also goes to show that you appreciate each other. Kissing is very important to the extent that it helps a couple determine if they are suitable and compatible for each other. It will also help them decide if they will be good bed mates based on the current that runs through them when they are kissing.

3) Best Kissing tips:

These are some kissing tips for girls; open your mouth a bit when you are kissing because men love wet kisses, the wetter the kiss, the better it is for men. Secondly, don’t just keep waiting for your man to start all the kissing in your relationship, learn to initiate the kiss some of the time in the relationship and your man will love it. Lastly, try to be a bit aggressive when you are kissing your man. This aggressiveness has to do with the way that you make use of your tongue, be active in the kiss by making use of your tongue actively. Don’t ever hold back when you are kissing your man. This method can be considered to be the best on how to kiss a boy.

4) How to kiss a girl:

How to be a good kisser

These are some kissing tips for guys; don’t push all your tongue into her mouth because it will make her feel as though you are jamming your tongue down her throat and this might end up appearing as though you are trying to suffocate or choke the girl. Try to give her some space for breathing and you will discover that she will enjoy kissing you better than when you are all over her and not giving her enough space for breathing. Pay attention to the way she is kissing you and this will help you match your kissing to her tempo. These are some good kissing tips for guys that will help you know how to kiss a girl better.

5) First kiss tips:

One of the kissing tips for girls is that when you are new in a relationship and you are yet to kiss, don’t ever be the one that will initiate the first kiss. Allow the man to initiate the first kiss because men love it that way. You can only make use of your body language to let the man know that you are ready for him to give you the first kiss by looking him directly in the eye and then lowering your eyes to his mouth or by licking your lips with your tongue. These are some subtle body language signs that will let the man know that you are ready to be given the first kiss of the relationship. A man that understands the body language of women will definitely get the hint and will most likely act on it.

6) Astonishing facts about kissing:

One of the astonishing facts is that you should learn to close your eyes when your man is kissing you as it will help him know that you are enjoying as well as appreciating what he is doing. It shows the man that he is doing a good job and that you are not taking it for granted. Secondly, every once in a while, take a break, look at him directly in the eye in a very sexy way and then continue with the kissing. This will definitely cause him to know that you are enjoying the kiss and that is why you had to continue with it.

Some very good kissing experiences

a) As a lady, start the kiss on a very slow rhythm like just placing your mouth on his lips initially then sucking his lips one after the other (the upper lip first and then the lower lip secondly) before you start increasing the tempo of the kiss by deepening the kiss and by the time you get to this stage, you will discover that he will be all over you.

b) Try breathing through your mouth when your lips are locked together in a kissing bout, he will simply love it and his reaction will make you glad that you did that.

How to be a good kisser

c) While kissing him, let your hands be busy running it through his head, body and using your hands to pull him closer to you.

d) Move your head from one side to another side of his when you are kissing him, it gives the kiss a kind of rhythm that he will love.

Being a good kisser entails knowing all about your partner and his needs. Know what he wants while being kissed and what he enjoys most while being kissed. This you can know through his reaction to the way you kissed him at a particular point; take note of the style that you used to cause such a reaction.

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