How to be attractive to men should be a well known subject to women and this does not really mean that you are a whore. Knowing how to be attractive to a man should be a second nature to every woman and this is because the law of nature has made it that a man is meant to be attracted to a woman and for a woman to be able to attract a man, she needs to be able to master the act of how to be more attractive to men than other women.  This is necessary because there so many other women that are vying for the attention of men so she needs to make herself to belong to the class of the few good looking women or even the few most attractive women that a man will get to notice at a glance.

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How to be attractive to men

how to be attractive to men

It has been observed that good looking women are the most attractive women and looking good does not really cost much or even require much from you. The following are a few tips on how to attract men:

1: Always look good

how to be attractive to men

Understanding men and their nature, you will discover that men are usually attracted to a woman by sight before they actually get to know the woman. One dating advice for women will be to look good when you are going on a date with a man for the first time because what will attract the man on a first date is the way you look before he will then go ahead to wanting to get to know you. On how to attract men; you need to be good looking by dressing well. When you talk about looking good, it simply entails dressing well, wearing some slight perfume that will be tantalizing to the man, putting on cloths that fit you as well as the ones that help bring out your best features, let your hair be properly made, make sure that what you put on your feet and your bag are good. Finally, wear makeup that fits you and not the type that are shouting or crying for attention.

2: Learn to smile

how to be attractive

Pretty people are usually people that are always happy. When you are always happy, smiling will not be a problem for you because you will always discover that you dwell more on things that make you happy which will in turn make you smile than you will dwell on things that make you sad. Dating advice for women number two is smile at what he says. When you are out on a date with a man for the very first time, there is a need for you to always put on a smile. No man will want to ask a woman who wore a sad countenance all through the first date out on a second date because the man will feel that she is not interested in his company or that there is nothing about him that she found appealing. The happier you are, the prettier you will always look.

3: Learn to be honest

how to be attractive

There is nothing that kills an attraction fast like lies. It is very expedient that you be honest with your partner in all things. Understanding men and their nature will help teach you that men don’t like women that are not honest with them from the start of their relationship no matter how platonic the relationship is. Lying about little things tend to destroy trust in a relationship because when a man discovers that you are always telling him lies about little things, he will not be able to trust you with his heart because he will be very scared of being hurt by you. Yes, your little lies can hurt a man who cares deeply about you.

4: Learn to be positive

how to attract men

No matter what life is dishing out to you, it is important that you remain positive in life, always send out positive vibes to people that are around you. Let people like being with you because of the fact that you play a huge role in making them feel good about themselves. When you are positive about life, it will help you build good friends and long lasting relationships that will stand the test of time. Beauty is always skin deep and emitting a positive energy is key to how beautiful people see or accept you. When you emit a positive energy, the way your beauty will be perceived by a man will be at a heightened level because you are making the man feel good about his self and all that is around him and that is enough for him where beauty is concerned. Being friendly, encouraging and charming are some of the ways of being positive. This is also one of the huge determining factors on how to choose a life partner for a man.

5: Learn to be flirty

how to attract men

Pretty people are usually flirty in nature. It is necessary to state here that when being flirty is talked about that does not mean that you should throw yourself at men because it will practically make the man move away from you. Being flirty means that you should learn to hold a man’s stare or gaze without looking away as though you are shy. Hold his stare and if possible (if you like what you are seeing) accompany it with a smile. That will send a kind of thrill to the man that you are among the bold and confident women that he can find around. This will attract the man to you and will make him want to have you as friend.

6: Be a good listener

how to be more attractive

When you are out on a date with your partner, there is a need for you to be a good listener. Listen attentively and with all concentration at what he is saying, ask questions from what your partner have said it makes them feel that you are interested in what they are saying. Lean in when paying attention as a lady, men tend to find this posture attractive in ladies. Smile at some of the things that your partner has to say, it helps to add to your allure and attractiveness.

Putting the above tips into practice will help to make you attractive to men.

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