Being charming and lovable to good guys

To be a charming girl means to be a girl that is usually liked and loved by all. Attractive women know and master the art of charm. To be seen as either a charming girl or to be classified as one of the attractive women requires you mastering the art of charm. To know how to be charming will simply make you a master in the art of charm. There is a need for all girls to know how to be charming because that is the only thing that will make men notice that you are in existence and that is also what will make you get a nice boyfriend that will most likely spend the rest of their lives with you. The art of charm is a must go to school for all girls.

How to be charming

How to be more attractive

To be more attractive than the other girl next door will always require some kind of work on your part as a girl. The more attractive you want to be, the more work you will need to put in to make you appear charming and lovable to guys than the other girl beside you:

1) Be a friend:

Learning to be a friend is one of the things that will make you belong to the class of attractive women. Men always end up feeling attracted to the woman that they see as their friends. A lot of happily married men will always attest to the fact that they got married to their best friend. Being a friend is one of the qualities that will make you a charming girl that will be loved by men. Be there for them when they need someone to talk to and encourage them, be there to cheer them up when they are feeling down, always being there to make them feel loved and appreciated are some of the ways of being a friend that will make you loved by guys.

2) Be sincere:

How to be charming

Everyone loves this quality in a person. Attractive women are women that are always sincere about the way that they feel towards something. Being open and sincere towards people most especially guys will make you a lovable person. Guys always like girls that are sincere with the way they live their lives (that is girls that do not pretend to be who they are not or pretend to be what they are not). Sincerity is a very great attribute in the school of charm. Charm your man now with your attitude of sincerity.

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3) Have a signature perfume:

Guys are suckers for scents and a charming girl knows that. It is important that you have a signature perfume that the man will always associate with you wherever he perceives such a perfume. Perfumes are great on girls and women alike when it is light and not heavy. A light floral perfume like vanilla will make a guy go bonkers over you. It will make the man always want to be with you in order for him to be able to perceive the perfume on a more constant basis. A light smelling sweet perfume or fragrance will go a long way in making you attractive to guys that come around you.

4) Your appearance:

The way you appear will always help to add to your lovely nature. To appear lovely is simply to dress well and to have a nice and mild make up as well as a good hairdo. Putting on clothes that fit you and bring out the nice shape of your body and accentuate some good parts of your body will make you a must notice girl among a group of other girls. Try as much as you can to avoid heavy makeup during the day because it is usually a turn off for guys as lots of guys like girls that apply their makeup to seem more natural than otherwise. Make your hair in a way that will suit the frame of your face. Let your hair always look neat, tidy and well kept. Make use of fashion accessories that will look great with the cloth that you are having on.

5) The way you speak:

how to be more attractive

Another great way of being singled out from a crowd of girls is through the way you speak. When you are soft spoken and gentle, you will always stand out from other girls because the guys will always notice your soft spoken nature as well as the gentle way you speak. They will also notice the way that you choose your words as you will not want to be seen as being harsh or cruel with the words that you make use of. A soft spoken lady or woman will always attract the attention of men because opposite attracts and men are always rough in the way they speak so they will naturally get attracted to girls that are soft spoken in nature.

6) Your carriage and character;

The way you carry yourself when walking is another thing that will make you unique and place you in a class of your own among other girls. There is a need for you to learn how to carry yourself gracefully when you are walking and how to look and appear dignified with your walking steps. Attraction does not only start and end with your physical attributes because good guys are most often  looking out for women that they will settle down with and as such the way you behave will also affect the way that you attract men. It will not only determine the way that it will attract men, it will also determine the kind of men that it will attract. A gentle girl will always attract good and nice men while a rough girl will attract a bad boy. Your attitude goes a long way to determine who you attract.

There is a need for you to take out your time to learn how to be charming in order to be lovable by all the good guys that come around you. Exhibiting all of the attributes mentioned above will go a very long way in making you charming and lovable by good guys.