how to be romantic

Every girl deserves some degree of romance at any and every particular point in time. To be able to do this, you will need to know how to be romantic. Learn how to be romantic through these romantic ideas for her and you will be surprised to discover that your woman can be very loving, caring and compassionate towards you. The simple way of getting a woman to do your bidding whenever you desire is to treat, pamper and spoil her with any one of these romantic ideas that will make her feel like a Queen, feel special, loved and beautiful. There is no woman that does not melt into the hands of a man that is caring and loving to her. Romantic ideas for her will help you become the man that knows how to make a woman happy all the time.

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How to be romantic

To be romantic simply entails you acting on any one or more of these romantic ideas on your woman. The following are some out of the numerous romantic things to do that will help you win the heart of your woman:

1: Write notes for her

how to be romantic

Try as much as you can to write little notes that will make her know that you care for her. You can even write a note and paste it on the bathroom mirror before she goes in to brush her teeth in the morning. You can also write it on the steam that settled on the bathroom mirror.

2: Write her a poem

how to be romantic

Women knowing that this can be a very difficult task for a man will deeply appreciate the time that you took out of your busy schedule to write a poem for her. This is definitely and absolutely one of the romantic things to do that will make her love you whole heartedly.

3: Massage her body

how to be romantic

When she is done with the house and she is feeling all stressed up and tired, you can show her a bit of love by massaging her most especially her shoulders as this will make her know that you are not taking her being your woman for granted. It will also show her that you know when she is stressed up and that you will always be there to ease her of such stress.

4: Tell her you love her

how to be romantic

This is a tip that falls as both one of the romantic things to do and one of the romantic things to say. Tell her that you love her as many times as you can and this is irrespective of where you are or who is present. Declaring your love for her in the presence of a third party will make her feel more confident and relaxed about your love.

5: Invite her to take a bath or a shower with you

how to be romantic

One of the very good romantic ideas that you can implement on your wife is taking a bath with her. While bathing with her make sure that you scrub her back and while doing that; tell her some romantic things that will make her feel cherished and loved. Make the bubble bath a complete luxury with candles, champagne and enough bubbles in the bath.

6: Make songs for her

romantic ideas for her

One of the romantic things to do for her is to make songs especially for her in a CD and make her listen to the song when she is not busy most especially in the quiet of the night. Make sure that the songs are really portraying your feelings for her; this will make it more appealing to her.

7: Give her a surprise lunch

romantic ideas for her

There is a need for you to go to her place of work at lunch time and surprise her by taking her out for lunch. You can either make it a romantic lunch time in a diner or even a take away lunch at the park. This will make her know that you always have her in mind.

8: Gift her with flowers

romantic ideas

If your woman has a reason to travel out of the house for reasons of work, it is necessary for you to have flowers delivered to her where she will be staying as it will reveal to her that wherever she may be that she is always thought of, missed and loved.

9: Pamper your woman

romantic ideas

There is something unique and special about being pampered. It goes to show her that she is loved by her man. Try serving her breakfast in bed, giving her a foot rub and if you can a pedicure, listen to her without any kind of distractions and try smiling at what she has to say when she cracks a joke. You can ask her questions based on what she told you as it will help tell her that you were paying attention to what she was saying. Cook her favorite meal for her; give her time to rest by helping her take care of some of the house chores and the children as well.

10: Shower her with love

romantic things to do

Never get tired of telling her how much you love her because it will help her blossom as well as help assure her of your love for her. Shower her with as much I Love You as you can because it is part of the romantic things to say. When at work, you can just send her an email or even a text message that reads thus: Just to let you know that I love you.

11: Carry her picture around

romantic things to do

It is a good sign that you love her and that you are proud of her when you have her picture with you all the time most especially in your wallet. This will make her know that you value her and that you appreciate being her man.

12: Kiss her publicly

romantic things to say

show her how much you love her by welcoming her home with a kiss. Let the kiss not just be done in your home. Try to make it a duty of kissing her publicly every once in a while as it will show her that she is important and special to you. Let the kiss which is one of the romantic ideas for her make her feel special.

There are so many things to do and so many romantic things to say that will make your woman keep being in love with you. The above are 12 romantic ideas for her.

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