how to be single and happyAre you single even if you seriously desire to be in another real and intimate love relationship? Do you want to know how to be single and happy? How to be single is a question that most single people will want to know because most often their heart desire is to be in a relationship. If you are not yet in a relationship that is if you are single, you will need to know how to be single and happy because in your being single and happy is what will help attract you a partner that you will later fall in love with. How to be single is what you will need to know about.

How to be single

Are you single and you desire to be happy? There is a need for you to know how to be happy alone and the following are some ways of being happy even when you are alone:

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1: Be happy with yourself

how to be single and happy

The first thing you need to know on how to be alone is that you need to be happy with yourself. Try as much as you can to do things that will make you happy. What are those things that you have always wanted to do but could not do when you were still in a relationship with your ex? You have the chance to do just that before you meet with someone else that will not give you the time to do just that. Learn a new skill, get a new hobby, just be happy doing what you have always loved doing or what you have always wanted to have done.

2: Enjoy your free time

how to be single and happy

One benefit of single life is that you will have all the free time that you so desire to yourself. Having a free time to yourself is what people in a relationship will never have and as such there is a great need for you to enjoy your freedom as best as you could. Go for that spa, beauty treatment and tan that you know that you need. Also put in as much time as you can into spending time with your buddies because by the time that you get into a relationship, you might not be able to spend as much time as you can with your buddies like you used to when you were single. Forget about cooking or doing the laundry for some time, just laze around for the joy of having the time to so do.

3: No need to pretend to like his friends and family

how to be single and happy

Single life is also beneficial to you because you will not need to pretend to like his buddies neither will you have to pretend to like his family. You are now free to really be with those that you like without any form of pretense. Being alone has the benefit of not being forced into a visit that you do not enjoy just because you desire to make your man happy and for the single reason of you wanting to be the perfect girlfriend that he can ever think of. Your life is yours now and you can only choose to be with the people that you really want to be with. Being alone has this great benefit attached to it.

4: Be at peace with yourself

how to be single and happy

I am single, yeah, you will need to celebrate this great fact by simply being at peace with yourself. I am single isn’t a curse neither is it the end of the world.  It is simply time for you to learn to be at peace with yourself. It is time for you to start surrounding yourself with things that make you feel at peace with yourself and such things that make you feel at peace with yourself should surround you everywhere that you are; in your home, your office, your spa room and so on. Being at peace with yourself is what will really make you proud and happy to be single. Happiness is not only the attribute of those that are in love, happiness can also be the greatest attribute of those that are single but that is only if you want it to be your strongest attribute.

5: Choose who you date

how to be single and happy

Being single and happy will help you take your time in choosing who you will date. It will help you activate your dating life all over again. It will help you to stop being in a hurry to date. It is very important that you be single and happy as this will really help you in checking the kind of people that you allow into your life in the form of your dates and it will also help you to take your time before getting into an active dating life again. It is not compulsory that you date the first guy or lady that comes across your way immediately after the end of your relationship with your ex. This will make it seem petty and a mere act of jealousy that you are only dating because you miss your ex or even that you are trying to make your ex jealous or worse still that you are jealous that your ex left you for someone else. You need to get a grip of your life by choosing your dates through the art of being single and happy.

6: Learn to be open

how to be single and happy

How to be happy single is by your being open with yourself. Focus on yourself; try to improve yourself by building on your strong assets or characters and changing your flaws in order to be a better you. When you are focused on this, you will find yourself sincerely telling people “I love being single” because you will be re-discovering the real you that had been hidden all these while. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits of being single.

Being single and happy should make you objective especially if you suddenly discover that you are single. It will go to show how strong you are and it will also help you know that it is not a curse neither is it a crime to be single. Enjoy your single days while it still lasts.