Are you in love with two people and you are now torn between two lovers? Are you thinking of how to choose between two guys? Can you be in love with two people? Do you find yourself in love with two men? Are you wondering if it is possible to really hurt one out of the loving two people that you know?  Are you torn at choosing between two guys? Being torn between two lovers is one of the dilemma that a girl can encounter when she finds herself loving two people. There is no need for you to be worried over what is happening to you because you will not be the first neither will you be the last girl that will be in love with two people. When you are in such a fix, you will definitely have to choose between two guys because you cannot marry two guys at the same time when there is only one of you.

torn between two lovers

Torn between two lovers

There is a need for you to reflectively think of which man to let go and which man to continue with when you are in this kind of a fix and it is very important that you make a decision by taking any of these factors into consideration:

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1) Know the qualities of each man:

It will help you determine who you want to be with by simply taking a look at the qualities of each of the men individually. When you must have taken a look at the qualities, you will now have to determine what you will really want from a man that you will want to have a long term relationship with. The man that has most of the qualities that you will want from a man is the man that you should tilt your attention to. Do this reflective thinking by writing down the qualities of the two men and also by writing down the qualities that you want from a man. You can do this in a tabular form that will allow you the room to know who had scored the most points.

2) Check out your compatibility with the two men:

you will need to check out how compatible you are with the two men because you will not want to choose a man that you will not be compatible with that is a man that will make you feel unhappy if you are in a relationship with him. The compatibility should cover areas like the number of children that you will like to have, the kind of career goals that you have, the area of finance, personality, your lifestyle and your choices in life. This list can be done as a matter of scale of preference and this will help you know which of the men is more compatible with you than the other.

3) Now compare the two guys:

how to choose between two guys

At this stage there will be a need for you to compare the two guys based on the lists of qualities and compatibility that you have written down. There will be a need for you to write the name of the guy that matches the list of your compatibility against the compatibility test that he passed. When you are done doing this, you will then check the guy that got the best scores which of course is determined by your list or scale of preference. This will go a very long way in helping you make up your mind on who you will finally settle for or with.

4) List of what you cannot tolerate:

Every human being has a list of what he or she just cannot take from a guy or even a girl as the case may be. There will also be a need for you to write down what you cannot tolerate in a man that you intend to have a long term relationship with. When this is done, you will also need to write down their names across what you cannot take. When you are done with this, you will discover that you are gradually making a decision.

5) Take a look at your in-depth feelings for these guys:

There will be a need for you to take an in-depth analysis of your feelings for these guys. Yes, the two guys are loving and you seem to love the two of them but you never can love two people equally, you will always love one person more than the other and this is where an in-depth analysis of the way you feel for the two of them will have to be checked.

6) Which of the guys handle things more maturely:

It will be very important that you consider the guy that handles bad real life situations in a more mature way. The ability to handle bad situations in a mature way is one of the attributes of a mature man that will always help to make a girl take a firm decision to be with him for the rest of her life.

7) How do you feel being with him:

how to choose between two guys

When you are with one of the men do you feel that you are being unfaithful to the other guy? If you are having a sense of unfaithfulness whenever you are with one of the guys as against the other that means that your heart is really yearning to be with the other guy that you are more relaxed with. Does this guy make you feel as though there could not be a life without him that is do you always picture him as being part of your life for the long haul. Do you feel weak on your knees and butterflies in your stomach whenever you are with him?

8) Who do you think of most:

This is what you will have to consciously decide on if you are to make a reasonable decision about who to choose? Who do you always want to be the one on the phone whenever your phone rings or when you receive a text?

Taking these steps will help you in deciding who you will want to be with for the very long haul.