Dealing with depression requires a stronger than usual will. If you are feeling depressed, the first step to take towards recovery is when you are able to understand that you are depressed and that you need help.

How to deal with depression
How to deal with depression

How to deal with depression

You can deal with depression by first making up your mind to give it what it takes, making the determination goes a long way.

Treatment for depression goes in many ways but the following list below shows some of the best ways to manage depression with and without drugs here are they:

1) Eat well balanced diet rich in vitamins (especially vitamins B), protein, iron, fruits and fibers, eat less of refined carb-rich foods. So also foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids has been reported to help stabilize mood.

2) Do not sleep late at night, it might further worsen your depressive state. Always try to sleep early to avoid insomnia, a good sleep of 7-8 hours will help to lighten your mood.

3) Always try to keep the light on while sleeping. Dull or dark rooms has been closely linked to depression. Though there are still ongoing researches to know where the connection lies. As you can see, coping with depression takes a lot of strong will because most times you won’t feel like going out a depressive state.

4) Maintain a positive mental attitude.

5) Do things that makes you feel on the ‘high’. Always connect with people of like minds, by doing such, you have greater chances of getting your mood straightened out.

6) Cultivate good relationship. Try to avoid people who drives you into depression. You can always do without them, but don’t stay alone by yourself.

7) Listen to music that brings out the ‘jig’ in you, dance around for a while, find people to dance with, it releases the fervor in you, romantic blues songs may not do you much good due to their serene nature. So also you may watch funny TV shows, they help alot.

8) Engage in activities that lighten your mood and promote your self-image, activities such as:

  • List somethings you love about yourself, force it, they become more apparent to you.
  • Do things out of spontaneity.
  • Read good books, especially books that ends in comedy. Tragedic books may bring you down again, stay off them.
  • Despite all the aforementioned points, if however you discover that much has not changed in your mood, it’s time to seek medical help.

9) Treatment for depression can also be achieved through yoga and mood-enhancing outdoor activities, this includes deep meditation.

10) Limit your use of alcohol and caffein. Caffein is a stmulant that keeps you awake, but it may drain your energy faster than you think. Coping with depression will be a lot easier when you stop taking certain substances you are addicted to.

Coping with depresssion demands you to face your fear. Always try to face and deal what you find difficult to do before, create challenges that tasks your memory, it will help to improve your self-worth at the end.

Depressive disorders such as seasonal depression which only appears during a particular period of the year such as winter season. This can be treated with medication alongside with light therapy.

In women for instance, hormones such as progesterone and estrogen reacts with serotonin thus affecting its concentration in the body. This happens alot during premenstrual periods, pregnancy periods and menopause.

Major depression mood swings and maniac depression, postpartum depression, all of these need drug-based therapy (by using anti-depressants) as well lifestyle changes.

Overcoming depression may not be easy, but with time you will experience dramatic changes if you put some of the aforementioned points to good use.

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