Regardless of how old we are, we still tend to have that particular kind of feeling towards a person, which we refer to as “crush”. It is a natural thing, we cannot blame ourselves if we are smiling over the thoughts of conversation with that person. Or, perhaps with the thought of the possibility that the individual feels the same for you.

Thus, we would also want to bring this kind of wholesome feeling until we sleep, so that we could dream about them. However, how to dream about your crush? Are there ways to do it?

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Tip #1- How to dream about your crush: Put him or her as the last thought for the day

How to dream about your crush

It is somehow exciting when you are daydreaming, and you have yourself and your crush as the characters of your story. Each one of us may have reach that point in our lives that we imagine our crush walking down the aisle with us, yes a wedding!

After the wedding we would imagine ourselves eventually building a family with that person, and concluding of growing old with him or her. It’s funny but our thoughts could go that far. And our minds never cease to get active even in our dreams.

Tip #2- How to dream about your crush: Put a picture of him or her near you

How to dream about your crush

You can print his or her face on your pillow sheet, put a picture on your bedside cabinet or a big image on your ceiling. Making sure that the last picture that you glance at is the face of you crush. Also, when you wake up in the middle of the night, all you’ll see is the picture of your crush again, so as when you return to sleep, you can imagine him or her again.

Moreover, what is a better way than to wake up in the morning approached by the face of your crush? You’ll sure have the best mood for the whole day!

Tip #3- How to dream about your crush: Talk to his or her fake call

How to dream about your crush

Familiar with a voicemail message?  Like that in the movie P.S. I love you? Well, that strategy is no longer a trend because only seldom does voicemail set ups now. But that’s the good thing about technology, it makes things possible. You can secretly record the voice of your crush, save it and listen to it over and over again. Pretty sure your crush also have videos of him or her posted in the social media, well it’s about time that you grab those and watch it endlessly. If his or her voice is what you’ll hear at the last time that you are awake, what are the chances that you won’t hear it in your dreams? Our mind is very powerful; we can always condition how it will function.

If every tip mentioned on how to dream about your crush won’t work, then you just have to accept that it’s not meant to be.

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