how to french kiss

Kissing is one of the ways of expressing your feeling in a relationship and one of the kissing techniques that you will enjoy while in a relationship is the French kiss. French kissing is one of the great if not the best of all the kissing techniques that will help you sustain your relationship in a very healthy manner. There is a need for every mature adult that is in a relationship to know how to French kiss as this will help you have a healthy sex life in your relationship. Kisses in French are not taken lightly and this is because of the importance of kissing in maintaining a relationship.

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Preparing for the kisses in French

how to french kiss

There is a need for you to prepare adequately for a good French kiss and this is simply because anything prepared for will always result into a huge success.

  • It is very important that you ensure that your breath is fresh and enticing before you plunge into the kissing arena. Avoid anything that will give you an offensive breath.
  • Always ensure that your lips are properly moisturized before kissing because the softer your lips are the more pleasurable the kiss will be.
  • You can as well ensure that you have your deodorant, body spray or even perfume on as this will help turn your partner on.

How to French kiss step by step

The following can be described as a step by step guide on how to do kisses in French and this French kissing will make you have your partner for keeps:

1: Create an awareness

how to french kiss

The first thing that you will need to do in French kissing is to let your partner be aware of the fact that you want to kiss him or her and this you can do by looking straight into his or her eyes while you are having a talk and then letting your eyes move to his or her lips. When you must have done this for some time, you would have allowed your partner know that you have the intention of giving him or her a kiss. When you now want to start the French kissing proper, you will need to suck his lips (the upper and the lower parts) one after the other in preparation of the kiss.

2: Seduce with your tongue

how to french kiss

The next step that is to be taken in the French kissing tips is the step of making use of your tongue to seduce your partner by gently using your tongue to do a kind of massage on the lips of your partner. There is a need for you to ensure that your head is tilted to the side so that your nose will not affect the process of kissing your partner and this is one of the very important French kiss tips that you will need to adhere to. You will then need to extend your tongue into your partner’s mouth gradually but always make sure that the tongue does not get too much into your partner’s mouth as this will make your partner feel like he is being choked instead of seduced.

How to French kiss

While in the process of French kissing your partner, there is a need for you to always remember these French kiss tips and you will definitely be glad that you took note of it. Kisses in French are pleasurable when you do it in any of these styles:

  • Make a motion that is circle like with your partner’s tongue; there is however a need for you to make such motion in very slow rhythms.
  • Press your tongue against your partner’s tongue in a gentle and very slow pattern that will make your partner desire for more.
  • There is also a need for you to tease your partner’s lips while French kissing. You should also lick his or her lips while teasing the lips.
  • It is important for you to know that in all of the French kissing tips, there is a need for you to alternate the kissing technique so that your partner will not be able to predict your kissing style which will end up making the kisses boring or too stereotype for him or her. Let your partner be anxious to kiss you as a result of the pleasures that he or she will derive from so doing and for the reason of the feeling of anticipation on how you will French kiss him at any particular point in time.

Kisses in French are very pleasurable when you ensure that you do them right. It is very necessary to point out here that while you are in the process of French kissing your partner that you ensure that it is not only your mouth that is doing the enticement, also include your hands. Yes, your hands. Your hands should not just be left in a stationery position as this will not be helping matters.

In French kissing, there will always be a need for your hand to always be moving and this could be in either of these ways: up and down the back of your partner, through the hair of your partner slowly and scratching and massaging the scalp of your partner at the back which is a very sensitive place sexually; finally, you can use your hand to turn the cheek of your partner from the side that you were kissing him or her to the other side. This makes the whole kissing game very romantic.

Getting a French kiss right the very first time is a very good way of winning the heart of the man or woman that you love because as we all know first impressions matter a whole lot than you can ever imagine and I believe that you are reading this because you really want to do it right.

Go ahead now and make the sex life of your relationship a great one that will always be remembered by your partner by simply making use of the French kissing style of kissing. Kisses in French are best enjoyed when you make it as slow as it can possibly be because it helps create a very sexy, romantic and hot atmosphere for the actual sex.

Always remember to end the kiss just the way you started it in a gradual process. Never you put an end to a French kiss in an abrupt manner.

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