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Have you been looking for ways on how to get a boyfriend and have you been telling yourself “I want a boyfriend” or probably you have also been telling your friends that as well. Women seeking men needs to do it in a bit more intelligent, subtle and gentle ways that will not make a man ever suspect that the woman is trying to hit on him. This is simply because when a man discovers that a woman is going after him, there is the tendency that the man will be pissed off or probably run as far away from the woman as possible. Most men love doing it the traditional way and that is they expect that they should do the chasing and not the other way round. Therefore, in the light of this, it is necessary that a woman be as subtle as she can be when doing the chasing and that is how you will get a boyfriend.

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I want a boyfriend

how to get a boyfriend

How to get a boyfriend may be your single goal at the moment and that simply means that you are ready to do the chasing. Women looking for men need to take certain important factors into consideration before trying to get a boyfriend. The following are such factors that will need to be considered by women seeking men:

1: Pretense

how to get a boyfriend

Try to pretend not to be interested in a boy for intimate reasons but try being his friend that is flirty, fun to be with, playful and exciting and you will end up getting the attention of the man that you so desire. Woman seeking man is done subtly as have been stated earlier because men love going after what is dangled in front of them but is at the same time beyond their reach. To show that they are men and that they can get whatever they are interested in whether such a thing is proving difficult to get or not is most times the goal of a man. Throw in a woman that is ready to be a friend without any strings attached, flirty, fun, exciting, playful and intelligent then you would have attracted the man and make him start doing the chasing game just like you initially intended for him to do.

2: Be attractive

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I want a boyfriend then you will definitely need to go ahead and dress well which means dress in a way that will be attractive to a man. You must not rob a bank before you can become attractive, all you will need to do is to always appear neat with a hair do that accentuates your strong facial points, use good but light smelling perfumes that will help to add some sense of allure to your dressing, you will then need to top it off with wearing clothes that will accentuate the curves of your body without it being damn too provocative which might end up making you look like a prostitute.

3: Be healthy

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Women seeking men need to be healthy because it is part of the things that will attract a man to a woman. One of the things that make a man attracted to a woman is how healthy the woman is. The state of being healthy is achieved through the combination of some factors which includes but are not limited to eating right, exercising to keep fit and maintaining a good body weight.  As much as you can, try to avoid being obese. Men are most often than not attracted to healthy looking women naturally.

4: Be happy

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Women looking for men need to learn to be happy all the time as well as learn to maintain a positive outlook to life. It is important that you make a guy feel positive about what he is going through and life in general. Make a man happy to face life and you will definitely get a boyfriend that is for keeps. Please do not over do your act of being positive by pretending to be who you are not or by being way too funny (which is the extent that pisses a man off).

5: Enjoy your company

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No matter how much you love hanging out with your guy or how much you love your man, there is a need for you to learn to have a life of your very own. Learn to have friends that are exclusively yours, go for girls’ night outs and plan activities that does not always center all round your boy. The reason for this is very simple; men don’t like girls that tend to crowd them; they need their breathing space which means time for themselves and time for their male buddies after all guys will always be guys. Give him time to be on his own as well as the time that he will use to enjoy the companionship of his fellow male friends; doing this will certainly endear you to him because he will know that you are not the clingy type of girl that is trying to cramp his style or way of living.

6: Have a great sex life

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Men don’t joke with their sex life no matter the circumstance that they are going through because sex helps to calm a man down and it also helps to relieve him of all the stress that he is going through or might have gone through during the time that you were apart from each other. Men always appreciate sex a lot and it is in this regard that you will need to know how to give your man a mind blowing sex anytime he demands for it and this is a major key factor that will help you sustain the relationship as well as to have him for keeps. To be able to have a healthy and mature adult relationship, you will definitely need to learn how to satisfy your man sexually.

Whenever you have a need for a boyfriend, you should always put it at the back of your mind that the above factors are things that you will need to do that will help you get a boyfriend for keep sake. A woman seeking man needs to pay a great deal of attention to the unique needs of the man that she is seeking to have an intimate relationship with.

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