Unless you are the first of a kind I have ever met, stomach ache isn’t pleasant and no one likes to fall victim to it. These aches may happen at any time. They usually occur some hours or minutes after eating or drinking. The worst decision you could make is to try not to get rid of it. Since you have made your mind to get rid of stomach ache, continue reading to find out stomach ache remedies you can apply.

how to get rid of a stomach ache


Natural stuffs are always the best curing options. Let’s take a look at some of these below


how to get rid of a stomach ache

Baking sodas are strong antacids which neutralize stomach acids that cause stomach aches. Club soda is also responsible for burping as a result of carbonation, which causes gases that are stuck in the stomach to be released to create comfort

HOW: Dilute some baking soda with warm water and take in a teaspoon of it to relieve the pain.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

Lemons are good remedies fora constant stomach ache that are caused by indigestion. Lemons are recognised for their ability to cure indigestion.

HOW: Make a lemon tea or mix some natural lemon juice with warm water and drink for effective relief. Lemon water is best made by warming the water before adding the juice. Try to drink these, at least twice a day, to get rid of stomach ache.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

According to medical scientists, peppermint improves the flow of bile. As we all know, bile pigments are produced as part of the digestion process. Using peppermint will therefore get rid of stomach ache caused by indigestion. Additionally, mint has a soothing effect that causes muscles to relax. The relaxation of these muscles leads to a decrease in constant stomach ache.

HOW: Get peppermint leaves, wash them and chew them. Otherwise, you may boil them to form a warm mint tea and drink for maximum relief.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

Ginger is among stomach ache remedies for stomach aches resulting from indigestion. Ginger contains a significant amount of gingerol (its main constituent), which is an anti-oxidant. It reduces inflammation which increases the rate of digestion.

HOW: Chop some ginger into freshly boiled water, allow it to warm, sieve the chopped pieces from it and drink.You may also use some ginger tea for this purpose.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

This is also anti-inflammatory. It is proven to have smoothing contractions in the digestive system as well as easing stomach cramps. It is a sedative that also calms nerves. These two properties make it unique among stomach ache cures.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

Charcoal to get rid of stomach ache? Yes. The first time I heard of this, I concluded that it was a lie until I found out for myself. Wondering how to get rid of a stomach ache with this? An amazing use of charcoal is its ability to cure food poisoning by neutralizing the toxins present in the stomach. When stomach achesare related to a food poisoning, do your best to find some piece of charcoal, grind,mix with water and drink in. Remember that, serious and severe food poisoning must be reported to a doctor for appropriate treatment.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

One of the stomach ache remedies is the application of heat to the stomach. It is said that applying heat increases blood flow to skin surfaces which results in a reduced feeling of the pain. You may use a heating pad, or get some hot water bottle or towels or you can make a homemade heating pad by getting a clean heavy cloth and carefully pouring heated rice (uncooked) or heated sand into it and folding it to be used on the stomach. Whichever you use, heat your stomach (belly) with it by allowing it some minutes to rest on the stomach.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

Aloe Vera is simply more than a multipurpose plant. It falls among stomach ache remedies for constant stomach ache.Taking in some Aloe Vera gel reduces stomach aches. It reduces inflammation, resolves indigestion and ceases constipation.


how to get rid of a stomach ache

The apple cider vinegar has great cleansing effects not only for foods but also the body. It detoxifies the digestive system when taken in and clears all the waste particles and nutrients that are not needed by the stomach and is one of the best stomach ache cures.

Procedure: Add a table spoon of apple cider to a medium sized glass of water (preferably, warm water) and drink it. You can repeat this twice a day mostly before bed and early in the morning.

This is a great piece to help you cure constant stomach ache and any other temporal stomach discomfort you may feel. Try to memorise some of these solutions for contingency reasons.

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