We all have periods and instances in our life when we got a little anxious. Chronic anxiety is a real problem that needs be solved. However, the more you try to overcome it, the worse it becomes. Its symptoms are usually worry, fears and phobias.

how to get rid of anxiety

There are some medications and anxiety pills that you could take to get rid of anxiety. However, medicines tend to have their own unwanted side effects. You could end up becoming chemical dependant or possibly lose control of normal every day emotions.

We will take a walk through various ways of getting rid of anxiety naturally and safely.


Psychological studies have discovered that, doing mind meditation is a powerful way of killing anxiety symptoms than many other stress management solutions. Some people have experienced improved anxiety by sitting quietly and focusing on the awareness of their thoughts.Doing some form of meditation should help you see improved anxiety, make you sleep and eat better as well as suffer less stress.


how to get rid of anxiety

Physical exercise is proven to get rid of anxiety temporarily. Engaging in regular exercise provides an improvement in moods, sleep patterns, stress reliefs, as well as bettering one’s self esteem. You could do a moderate exercise or intensive exercise; any could prove helpful. When you feel a little uneasy at a point, you may try a little walk around the neighbourhood to improve your mood.


A couple of modern researches have proven that engaging in high activity on the social media potentially raises people’s anxiety levels. How? Some people are actively involved in tweeting, ‘facebooking’ etc., end up comparing their lives to friends and neighbours, family members, schoolmates etc. When they feel like these people are doing better than them or competing with them in some manner, they become anxious. Feeling like this for prolonged hours and days could lead to some anxiety disorders. You need to give the social media a break to get rid of anxiety.


The cause of anxiety could be stemming from your thoughts. You may suffer anxiety due to the pressure you feel upon the thought of an impending project, dismissal or meeting a short deadline. The best thing to do is to stop thinking about these for a while. Say to yourself that the best could happen and not the worst. When those voices and conversations get into your thoughts, remember not to try controlling anything which is not in your reach. For example; you can’t control what people think about your nose so don’t think about it.


how to get rid of anxiety

Getting rid of anxiety involves getting rid of the caffeine or reducing its intake. Using coffee has a negative effect of distorting your anxiety levels. Caffeine is a stimulant; it could as well activate a fighting mood, panic attack or insomnia, especially among people with anxiety disorders. Too much intake of caffeine potentially causes heart palpitations.Reduce the intake of caffeine containing foods to get rid of anxiety.


Aside caffeine, heart palpitations could be caused by low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia. Sugar is also an adrenal stimulant and too much intake of it could cause over stimulation of the adrenal glands which may cause anxiety and panic attacks.Too little or too much sugar will definitely hurt you. Take in the right quantities of sugar to solve your problem.


how to get rid of anxietyAnxiety has stricken some people as a result of the constant pressure and drain on their finances. Especially, for people who find themselves in debt, they end up staying late at night, thinking and wondering how to get their debts or bills paid. This needlessly contributes to a feeling of hopelessness. Others may walk around town feeling a low self-worth as they compare their pockets to friends’ and neighbours’.

Try a method to control your budget. You may want to make records of all the things you purchased in a week. List the needed and unwanted items in separate groups to determine the items or the spending habits that have been draining your budget and cut them off.


You could get rid of anxiety by going to bed earlier than you do now.People have developed a habitual morning anxiety because of careless sleeping philosophies. They are always waking up late and rushing to get ready to go to school or work. Try going to bed early so you can wake up earlier in order not to engage in the early morning rush to work or school.


Lavender is proven to possess healing properties that serve as a natural remedy for reducing anxiety. You can always drop some essential lavender oil into a bucket of water for a bath. You could also soak a piece of cotton wool into lavender oil and smear around your nose. This should help you in getting rid of anxiety.


how to get rid of anxiety

Comedy has a way of making people forget about the worry. Take some time of work and home and try visiting the movies or a comedy concert. This will get you the kind of laughter you have long been missing as well as providing the solution to your problem.

Are you still asking how to get rid of anxiety? All the above remedies are completely safe for your health. Do not hesitate in using any of them. I wish you the best.

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