The weirdest kind of feeling you could ever have is getting up in the morning to get prepared for an interview only to see a new development; cold sore on lip. Honestly speaking, cold sores are embarrassing.You may have to endure your worst couple of days with a total lack of confidence when they spring up on your face. They make you feel as if the only noticeable thing about you is that disgusting blister or cluster of blisters just around the corner(s) of your lips.

how to get rid of cold sores

Wondering How They Found Their Way There?

Cold sores are caused by a Herpes Simplex Virus. They usually appear on your mouth and leave some nasty and painful open sours on the lips.Getting rid of cold sores could be tricky. Just like all other viruses in the world, it has no permanent cure. However, there are some proven methods you can adopt to get rid of them, reduce their duration or prevent them totally.

Getting Rid Of Cold Stores

There isn’t just one way to get rid of cold sores. In your quest to get these sores off your face, there are home options that you can resort to. You don’t necessarily have to see the doctor to get rid of cold sores.Make your decision after reading through this article and get those irritating blisters off your face.

Home Remedies

1. Echinacea

Echinacea is an immune system bolster. It strengthens the immune system’s defences. This makes it harder for your system to be affected bygerms, bacteria, viruses, bugs etc as well as helping you recover from them in shorter periods as well as preventing you from infection.

Procedure: Put one bag of Echinacea tea into one cup of boiled water and allow for about 5 minutes. You can now take your tea bag out and drink the tea.

2. Milk

how to get rid of cold sores

Milk contains proteins calledimmunoglobulins which are antibodies that fight against viruses. The l-lysine found in milks also nullifies the work of an ammino acid called arginine which is proven to be a cause of cold sore on lip. This helps prevent andspeeds up the healing process. You need to take in more milk to get yourself protected from these sores.


Peppermint oil has properties that directly kill virus units outside cells.You can get rid of cold sores by using peppermint. At the first sign of a cold sore, you should apply some peppermint. Consuming it will not yield any good as it is only able to kill viruses that are outside the cells like the ones beneath your lip’s skin. Get some cotton, good quality peppermint oil and some fresh water.

Procedure: Wash the affected area with water. Dip your cotton in some water and soak it into the peppermint oil and then apply to the affected region.This is proven to make it heal faster.


Vitamins are essential for the body. The white blood cells in our body are meant to be the body’s defenders. Scientists have proven that Vitamin C enhances the white blood cells that perform this function.  By this, taking in a lot of vitamin C rich foods helps the body fight the infection. You can take in a lot of oranges, tomatoes, kiwi, red berries etc to increase your vitamin C level. Vitamin E also has been proven to help relieve the pains and for getting rid of cold sores. This is done by directly applying the vitamin E oil to the affected area. You can get the vitamin E content from whole grains, avocados, nuts etc. However, you need to buy some Vitamin E supplement capsules to extract the oils for this purpose.

5. The Mighty Aloe Vera

how to get rid of cold sores

Aloe Vera is a gift to nature. Applying it is a good way of getting rid of cold sores. When the gel is applied to the sore, it provides quick relief for the discomforts of blistered cold sores. Aloe Vera fights of bacteria; this is necessary for fighting off bacteria that may cause more irritation in the sores.

Procedure: Get an Aloe Vera plant and break the leaf. You can then apply the gel to the cold sore on lip. You should be warned that thiswon’t taste pleasant on your tongue.

6. Bees Wax

When bees are building their hives, they produce a substance called Propolis.This can be found in buds of trees, bees wax, and other bees’ by-products. Note that you won’t find this in honey. Traditionally it has been used for treatment of wounds. A topical application of this causes cold sore on lip to heal quite quicker than usual.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen per oxide isn’t the most pleasant option due to the sharp pain that accompanies it when applied. However, to get rid of cold sore, you need it. It actually disinfects sores, which disallows further spreading on the surface. It also speeds up the rate of healing.

Procedure: Dip a piece of cotton into hydrogen per oxide and gently apply to the surface of the sore. Do this for some number of minutes. This should help you get rid of cold sores.

Now that you know how to get rid of cold sores, give it a try and start smiling again. Wish you the best of luck.

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