To start with, a dark underarm is not a health problem. However, they could be embarrassing. Have you experienced the moment where you raised your arms at the beach or pool side, trying to have some fun, and you remember you have some dark under arms. Maybe you never got to wear that beautiful sleeveless top they bought because of dark under arms.

How to get rid of dark underarms

These are usually caused by shaving, heat around the armpit area, accumulation of dead skin cells and the use of alcoholic deodorants. The medical condition which is known to cause dark arms is Acanthosis Nigricans which can result from obesity, cancer or some hormonal disorders.

Now is the time to stop worrying about how to get rid of dark underarms. I have included in this writing so many ways of getting rid of dark underarms. Keep on reading to know how.


You can get rid of dark underarms by using:


How to get rid of dark underarms

Using coconut oils will help you get rid of underarms effectively. The vitamin E contents in the oil aids in underarms whitening. In some geographical regions, it is even used as a natural deodorant.

How: Smear some coconut oils over your armpit area and allow it about 10 to 15 minutes to dry up.Wash it off with soap and water. Try to do this morning and evening every day for about 6weeks to see a great improvement.


Don’t only drink oranges. Their peels have skin lightening properties that make them perfect for getting rid of underarms.

How: Dry orange peels in the sun for a couple of days till they are completely dry. Then, grind the dry peels into powder.Make a paste of rose water and milk with two spoons of the powder. Now, massage the armpit with the paste and allow it some minutes to dry before you wash it off with some water. Doing this daily for a good number of days will result in underarm whitening


How to get rid of dark underarms

A simple baking soda paste, due to its exfoliating contents can help remove dead skin cells which cause dark underarms.


  1. Make a mixture of baking soda and water to form a paste.
  2. Scrub the underarms with the paste.
  3. Wash your armpits with water and dry with a towel.
  4. Repeat this regularly to see drastic changes.


Potatoes possess mild acidity which makes it useful for skin bleaching. It is not a strong bleaching agent so it doesn’tcause damage to the skin.


  1. Chop some potatoes and blend in a blender.
  2. Rub the juice on your armpits.
  3. Let it dry by allowing it about 15 minutes

Doing this two times daily should get rid of dark armpits.


How to get rid of dark underarms

Traditionally, lemon had been used as the natural deodorant in most cultures. Till now, it is recommended for use by people with strong armpit odours.


  1. To get rid of dark underarms, slice a piece of lemon.
  2. Press and scrub the sliced lemon under the armpits.
  3. Allow it to dry after some minutes and wash the area.

Do this before bathing in the morning and at night to effectively get rid of dark underarms.


How to get rid of dark underarms

Cucumbers are natural skin exfoliators which can be used for underarm whitening.

Procedure: Apply the juice from grated cucumbers to the underarms and rub. Allow it some minutes to dry off and wash away with soap and water. Practicing this twice daily should help you achieve your goal.


Vinegar is also very useful for this purpose. They are used to wash veggies because they kill germs and bacteria. Aside lightening the skin’s colour, applying vinegar kills the various germs and bacteria that feed on the dead armpit cells. This also results in the removal of troublesome armpit odours.


  1. Mix some vinegar with flour to form a paste.
  2. Apply the paste to the underarms and scrub
  3. Allow it some minutes to dry, wash it off and dry the area with a clean towel.


Milk is a proven skin bleacher. It contains acids and fatty oils that removes excess dirt and dead skin cells which leads to a brighter skin tone.

Procedure: Just smear and rub your underarms with some milk and leave it for some minutes to dry. Wash it off and dry the place with a clean towel. Do this twice daily on a continual basis to get rid of dark armpits.


How to get rid of dark underarms

To get rid of dark arms, you may resort to using apples. They are mildly acidic and have the ability of killing germs and bacteria which cause dark underarms.

Procedure: Mash a small sized apple and scrub the juice on your underarms. Try to do this as many times in a week to speed up results.


Use sandalwood for my armpits? Yes. It is proven to help solve the problem.


  1. Mix some reasonable volume of rosewater and sandalwood; preferably, two tablespoons of sandalwood and one tablespoon of rosewater.
  2. Smear and rub on your armpits and leave it about 15minutes to dry.
  3. Then, rinse with some clean water.

Doing this is an effective way to get the job done at home.

These ten tips should provide you all you need to whiten your arms. The choice is yours to make. Wish you all the best in your treatment.

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