Are you still struggling with how to get rid of dry cough? Why continue to worry when there are numerous answers and solutions to this problem.

How to get rid of dry cough

Whatever be the cause of the cough, you can always use a dry cough treatment. The kind of treatment to be used, however, depends on the cause or the reason for the cause, and whether it be a persistent dry cough or an acute one. For a constant dry cough which is due to a severe health complication like TB or heart failures, special medical treatment must be obtained from a health specialist.

First of all before you start a dry cough treatment and during the period of medication, you need to avoid the following so as to enable an effective recovery from a dry cough.

  • Smoking only worsens dry cough and so must be avoided.
  • Avoid eating cold foods as theypromote persistent dry cough.
  • As you take dry cough treatment, avoid eating late at night. Dry cough is known to be caused by acid reflux.
  • Fried foods will do more harm and so should be avoided. They may limit the effect of antibiotics, hence, promoting chronic dry cough.
  • Desist from sleeping flat on the backside as this may cause a reflux and then lead to a dry cough at night.
  • Suspend the consumption of caffeinated drinks and beverages as they are guilty of promoting constant dry cough.


Depending on the severity of a persistent dry cough, hospital treatment as well as various home remedies may be used.

1. OTCs

Mild symptoms of dry cough can be treated with common over the counter drugs. A constant dry coughs that is caused by bacteria may be relieved or treated with common antibiotics from pharmacies and drug stores. Antihistamines and cough mixtures can be acquired for this purpose.

Lozenges are also essential for getting rid of dry cough. You may acquire them and use for dry cough treatment.


How to get rid of dry cough

Severe dry cough which are related to health problems are surrendered to medical treatment. Relevant drugs will be recommended for TB-induced dry coughs, whooping coughs, heart complications induced dry coughs etc. Some disease related coughs require treatment with steroids. Your doctor will know which drugs are best for you with regards to your ailment and medical history.


How to get rid of dry cough

Dry cough treatment can be done at home. As long as the dry cough is not the resultant of a delicate medical issue, you can use any of the following to eradicate dry cough at night and chronic dry cough.

  • Inhalation of steam to moisten the air passages in the lungs to prevent throat or lung dryness induced dry cough.
  • Honey is a very good combatant against dry cough as it hinders or kills bacteria and helps in recovery of inflamed tissues. A mixture of honey with herbal tea or mixing honey with warm water and lemon provide an effective treatment for dry cough.
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus oils are good for treating dry coughs. A steam shower with peppermint oil will give you a great relief. You may mix green tea and peppermint oil for a spontaneous relief of chronic dry cough.
  • You can use almond as well. Just bled some almonds and mix it with some orange juice and drink for a relief from dry cough at night.
  • Scientific studies and researches have proven that thyme leaves extracts are very effective for relieving dry cough. Thyme leaves contain flavonoids, a natural chemical compound that are responsible for relaxing the throat muscles that are responsible for coughing.

How to get rid of the dry cough at night is now dependent on your choice of action. In consideration of severity and whether or not there is an existing health problem, make sure to take a step in the right direction.

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