Hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscles experience involuntary contractions. The sound that emerges is as a result of the vocal cords shutting in a snappy manner, blocking air flow. These things happen suddenly in a matter of a second. They are meant to be temporary. However, some hiccups may occur for long periods and that becomes very annoying and may signify a medical issue. A persistent experience of hiccups could mean you have a potential medical problem and should seek treatment.

how to get rid of hiccups

Medically, these are called synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF) or Singultus because it is related to the movement of the diaphragm.


How to get rid of hiccups is a major question that almost everybody has thought about before. There are simple exercises for getting rid of hiccups that you can do. For severe and persistent hiccups, there are medications you can resort to. Since hiccups are mostly natural, try the exercises before you opt for a medicine/doctor.


Most of these physical activities have a way of a affecting the diaphragm or its related nerve controls which results in it relaxing and assuming normal movement once again.

  1. Try breathing in and hold your breath for about 10seconds before you release it. Do this continually for about four or five times and take a break. Resume after twenty or thirty minutes and repeat the process again. Do this regularly during the day to get rid of hiccups.
  2. Fix a paper bag on your nose and mouth, not covering your entire face or head, and breathe into it.
  3. One of the ways to get rid of hiccups is by holding your knees to your chest while sitting or lying for a couple of minutes before you release it.
  4. Try gargling with some chilled water. Pour half a cup of chilled water into your mouth and gargle for about a minute. Spit it out and repeat this process again for about four times to get rid of hiccups. .
  5. Getting rid of hiccups is possible by chest compression. You may try leaning forward while you attempt compressing your chest with your hands (palms) or with the aid of a pillow or any substance.
  6. Vinegar is another hiccups cure. Put about three to five drops of vinegar into your mouth and allow it to sink into your throat.
  7. Seal your nose while you swallow. Try swallowing something, water or some food, while holding your nose tight to prevent inhalation through the nose. It is a cure for hiccups.
  8. You can use some sugar granules as well. Pour some amount of sugar into your mouth, allow it to dissolve (melt) and swallow it for relief.
  9. Use cold water as cure for hiccups. Aside gargling very chilled water, you may try drinking some cold water. Drink the water very slowly so that it may stimulate the diaphragm for a longer while.
  10.  Warm water. Alternative to cold water, drink a glass of warm water very slowly while holding your breath.
  11. You can count on lemon to do the magic. Slice a medium sized lemon into four equal parts, and suck it slowly like a piece of candy.
  12. Try a burp. In getting rid of hiccups, a good number of people testify about doing a burp. Try to drink soda or any fizzy drink and burp afterwards. Contrary to this, you should note that some doctors have alleged that sodas may trigger hiccups.
  13. Stretch the tongue. Try pulling your tongue with your fingers and hold it for a while. It has the effect of stimulating the vagus nerves which results in the easing of the diaphragm spasms. (This didn’t work for me but you can try it; it may work for you as it works for others).


how to get rid of hiccups

Hiccups may be the replicating effect of a medical condition and so must be subjected to hospital treatment. Treating those medical conditions automatically serves as the cure for hiccups.

Below is a list of drugs that are often prescribed for people battling persistent hiccups:

  1. Chlorpromazine – an antipsychotic medication which is often prescribed by doctors as to get rid of hiccups.
  2. Gabapentin – this was initially prescribed for persons with epilepsy. Modern doctors recommend it for neuropathic pain and hiccups.
  3. Metoclopramide (Reglan) – is a medication used for the treatment of nausea which has also been proven as a hiccups cure.
  4. Haloperidol – is an antipsychotic medication recommended for getting rid of hiccups.
  5. Baclofen (Lioresal) – is known to be a muscle relaxant. They inhibit monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflexes in the spine. It is recommended for patients with renal impairment to get rid of hiccups.
  6. Some other drugs you may use are; lidocaine(Xylocaine), morphine and Ketamine.

Most importantly, just bear in mind that hiccups are normally natural and the best ways to get rid of hiccups is by ignoring it. However, persistent ones lasting for 48hours and more must be discussed with a doctor for an immediate treatment.

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