Having pinkeye has never been a pleasant experience. No one would enjoy having to go to town, or to attend a function or ceremony with a pink eye on the face. However, this problem may not go away until after several days, or in severe cases, some weeks.

how to get rid of pink eye

Pinkeye may be caused by bacteria or viruses. Bacterial-cause-pinkeye has serious eye health risks and so need to be reported to an optometrist for immediate care. On the contrary, pinkeye that is caused by virus does not pose much threat. They may vanish on their own after some days without any medical treatment.

Why you should get rid of pink eye.

  1. Pink eye, especially viral pink eye, can be very contagious and easily transferred.
  2. It makes the face look awkward.
  3. It may cause blurred visions
  4. Untreated severe pink eye may cause eye problems including eye cancer.
  5. They cause unfriendly itchiness and burning sensations in the eyelids


With the exception of severe cases, pinkeye home remedies can be used for treatment as well as simple self-prescribed OTC drugs. After visiting your optometrist, if you are diagnosed of having a mild conjunctivitis and it is suggested that there is no need for medical treatment, you can use any of the following simple pink eye home remedies.


  • Over the counter drugs for allergic pinkeye

Allergy medications may be used for pinkeye that is caused by allergies. Various over the counter allergy medications should help you get rid of allergic pinkeye symptoms within some hours or a day. If the symptoms do not go away instantly within a day or two, it is likely to be a viral or bacterial infection. Allergy medications that may be used include;

  • Decongestants:

Decongestants may not necessarily halt allergen effects. However, they are very effective for reducing inflammation, thereby, preventing eye tissue inflammation.

  • Antihistamine:

When there is an allergic reaction, the body responds by producing histamines. These histamines are responsible for the reddening of the eyes as well as other known allergy symptoms. Antihistamines are perfect for getting rid of histamines hence, reducing the redness of the white eyes.


  • Clean and rinse the eye regularly

Bacteria cause infections as well. The longer they stay in the eyes, the more they may wreak havoc. To reduce the extent of their harm or to prevent further harm, you should clean or rinse the eyes regularly. When the tears or the whitish discharge fill the eyes, wash or rinse the eyes with clean water.Use your fingers to swipe the fluid from the eyes, starting from the corners close to the nose to the other ends. Rinse your eyes again with some clean water


  • Some people may use handkerchiefs or face towels – they are not safe as they may cause bruises as well as carry extra bacteria into the eyes.
  • Always ensure that your hands are clean before you do this.
  • Use over-the-counter eye drops

These eye drops may serve the purpose of flushing out bacteria from the eyes as well as reducing the reddening. They are also effective for lubricating the eyes which helps to get rid of dryness, which is a cause of pink eye. They may help in getting rid of allergic conjunctivitis as well – some eye drops contain antihistamines that serve this purpose.

  • Make and use a warm compress

Warm compresses are effective pink eye home remedies. Soak a soft clean towel into a bowl of hot water, squeeze it to get much of the water out, fold it and apply it by placing it over your eyes while using a little pressure. – This must be done with the eyes closed.

  • Suspend the use of contact lens

Contact lenses are known to cause irritations to the eyes. They may as well catch and harbor bacteria which may eventually cause or complicate conjunctivitis. They are also known to be a cause of allergic conjunctivitis.


While applying home remedies for pink eye, these practices must be done to help the remedies work more effectively.

  1. Avoid sharing items that may be used close to the eye.
  2. Make sure not to touch the eyes with fingers regularly. You should wash your fingers always after touching the eyes.
  3. Change bedspreads and pillows regularly
  4. Avoid the use of cosmetics until pink eye is completely eradicated.
  5. Avoid using the pool as poll water contains chlorine which may worsen pinkeye.

Now that you know how to get rid of pink eye, you may proceed to do so. However, like I said earlier, you need to see an optometrist to diagnose your pinkeye before applying home remedies for pinkeye. However, if you are sure it is as a result of non-risk factors such as dryness of eyes, dust or allergy, you may proceed to use the home remedies for pink eye.

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