Are you among the many that have water retention issues? You may be trying your best to get rid of excess water in your body but still failing. You don’t need to blame yourself too much.  It is not because you are not trying hard. It is because you are trying hard on the wrong thing while little effort has been made on doing the right thing that needs to be done. This writing seeks to inform you on the right thing to do to get rid of water retention.

how to get rid of water retention

There is a natural process that the body goes through to retain and get rid of excess water. Like any other mechanism, there could be some lapses or deficiencies which lead to excess water being retained in the body. Let us go straight to how to get rid of water retention.


We can get rid of water retention by eating relevant foods and by doing some natural activities in a proper manner. Let us take a look at some of these ways below.


how to get rid of water retention

Fibres, commonly referred to as roughagesare responsible for cleaning the intestinal tracts/colon which enables things (fluids and liquids) to move freely. This aids in the removal of excess fluid in the body. You need to take in more fibre foods to get rid of water retention.This has to be done along with taking in adequate fluid which helps them function effectively. Men need more fibre contents, about 30–38grams a day, than women who need about 21-25grams per day.

  1. RASPBERRIES – A cup of raspberries contain about 8.0grams of fibre. One cup per day provides about 30% and 22% of daily required fibre content for women and men respectively.
  2. ORANGE – One medium sized orange contains 3.1 grams of fibre. Chewing 2-3 oranges a day would be a very good step towards getting rid of water retention.
  3. APPLE – A medium sized apple contains about 4.3grams of fibre. Taking one or more apples serves your body a great deal of fibre contents which is a big step towards solving the problem.
  4. GREEN PEAS – One cup of boiled green peas will serve you a great deal of fibre content of about 8.8grams. Regular intake of these should surely help you in getting rid of water retention.
  5. LENTILS – A cup of boiled lentils possess an average of about 15.6grams. This high fibre content level should help you speedily get rid of water retention if taken regularly.
  6. BLACK BEANS – You are sure to get about 15.0grams of fibre from a cup of boiled black beans. You could start preparing more black beans dishes to begin the journey to eliminating this problem.
  7. CARROT – One medium sized carrot contains approximately 1.7grams of fibre. You can develop the habit of chewing carrot daily to increase fibre supply to your body.
  8. TURNIP GREENS – A cup of boiled turnip greens should supply you with 5.0grams of fibre. Cook and eat more turnips and you should be sure of getting your quest on track.
  9. ALMONDS – One ounce of almond should provide you with an approximated 3.5grams of fibre.More almonds need to be taken in to get rid of water retention.


how to get rid of water retention

Dandelion possesses a diuretic effect which makes it a great solution for the problem. It contains a good amount of potassium which aids in reducing the level of sodium in the body. You can begin by taking in dandelion tea on a daily basis. It could be once or thrice daily. It will help a great deal in getting rid of excess water. You may try parsleys as well as they possess similar properties.

NOTE: It is essential to always speak to your medics when taking herbal treatments.


how to get rid of water retention

Lemon juice is proven to aid in flushing excess fluids and toxins in the body. This makes it one of the many water retention remedies. Squeeze a good amount of the juice from a lemon into a cup and mix with some warm water to ease in drinking. A regular pattern of this activity should do you great good.



Don’t be surprised that you need to drink water to get rid of water. Drinking more water helps in getting rid of water retention since it improves metabolism through excretion such as sweat, which in turn leads to reduced water retention.


Spending some extra time in the sun could be of good help to you. It makes you sweat and by so doing, getting rid of some excess water. You should do this while drinking a lot of water to make you sweat more.


Doing some good exercise is very useful for getting your problem solved. Try some regular jogging, running, skipping, playing soccer etc. These activities keep your body sweating and this can help dispose some extra water. This should be done while drinking more water as well, to help the body sweat more.

These tips above show how to get your job done. You shouldn’t have any problems while using these water retention remedies. Enjoy your day.

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