Testosterone is an androgenic hormone,which is responsible for growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics, and it affects more than just sexual libido. It is also responsible for sperm production and hair growth especially pubic hairs.

Low testosterone production could trigger a lot of anomalies in the body such as depression and rapid mood changes, stunted growth of the genitalia in adolescents, vaginal dryness in women, risk of having osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities etc. However, hormonal replacement therapies haves proven to be useful in older men and women who are in their menopausal stage, but the good news is testosterone production can be boosted naturally.

How to increase testosterone levels
How to increase testosterone levels naturally and safely

There are several rincrease testosterone which I’m going to highlight shortly, however before you start considering how to increase testosterone levels there are certain facts you need to get acquainted with such as the following:

How to increase testosterone levels

Herbal plants such as Tribulus terrestris,Gingko biloba, walnut fruits and fruits such as banana and grape fruits are great testosterone boosting foods. You can also check the following detailed natural ways to increase testosterone:

1. Taking vitamin D supplements (sunshine vitamin)

Vitamin D supplements has been linked to increased production of testosterone as it serve as a precursor in the biochemistry of testosterone and it helps the body to synthesize calcium from foods which is necessary for strong bone and immune system. Foods such as Tuna, low-fat milk, egg yolks, salmon or sardines are also good sources of vitamin D but salmon and sardines contain a large store of omega-3 fatty acids which could predispose men to prostate cancer.

2. Orange juice

Orange juice especially those made from grape fruits are good sources of resveratrol, a strong recipe which prevents cancers as well as helps to boost the store of vitamin C and vitamin D in the body.

3. Oysters and shellfish

Taking oysters and shellfish is another way on how to increase testosterone as these two combos are great testosterone boosting foods. Oysters contain zinc which is very essential for the formation of male hormones and help to keep them in check through adulthood. Men who have low testosterone may benefit from zinc supplementation. Shell-fish and serving of lobsters or crabs can help a lot if you are low on testosterone. For instance, particular specie of crabs called Alaskan king crab can supply you with about 43% of your daily dosage average of zinc.

4. Heavy weight strength exercises

Trying to build your muscles helps to stimulate production of anabolic hormones which comes in a flurry such, this helps your store of testosterone to receive a boost.

5. Avoid stress

Day to day activities especially official tasks and routine may pose a level of stress on your body but it can as well affect your testosterone levels drastically. If you notice, when you are stressed out, you don’t feel like having sex, it is natural; your testosterone is having a dip. Try to relax, take some meditation exercises, you will receive a boost.

6. Don’t throw away the egg yolk yet

Testosterone is produced from cholesterol, saturated fat such as those found in yolks are needed to keep your heart stronger, a rule of the thumb however is that you should try and keep your daily intake of saturated fat between 15-25% of your total calorie intake.

7. Spice up your food with garlic

Garlic helps to restore good circulation and keep your heart stronger, instead of taking sugary foods and junks, try to go natural with garlic, it helps to boost testosterone levels.

8. Try squatting

Squatting is a very good exercise that helps to work out the pelvic floor muscle, and it helps you to maintain stronger erection with time while it has great effect on your testosterone level.

9. Herbal plants such as almond leaves and tribulus terrestris have good sources of testosterone boosting component. A good decoction of this plants in warm water will make you feel good it’s a great to consider when thinking how to raise testosterone levels.

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