6 ways to keep a conversation going with a guy

A girl should know how to keep a conversation going with a guy because she wouldn’t exist in this earth and not have reasons to interact with at least a guy either at her place of work or on the road or some other places like a party. Knowing how to keep a conversation going is the hallmark of maintaining a good social life as the inability to communicate will only make a man or even a woman grounded in some areas of life. If you have been having a problem as to how to keep a conversation going with a guy then you will need to know some questions to keep a conversation going; most of these questions are open ended questions.

How to keep a conversation going with a guy

How to keep a conversation going

There are lots of interesting topics to talk about that will help keep a conversation going and the following are some of such topics that can be in form of questions to keep a conversation going:

1) You can ask him questions that will make him think:

Open ended questions like if you were to be asked to go on a vacation to somewhere that you have always longed to go to where would that place be? This kind of question will make him pause to really think about where he had always wanted to go to and it will also make him tell you why he would love to go there. This is just like one of the open ended questions that you can ask him. Questions and answers are very good ways to keep a conversation going.

2) Questions that are flirty in nature:

As had been mentioned earlier questions and answers will always help to keep a conversation going and flirty questions like “that’s a lovely shoe you got there, where do you intend going with those shoes and please don’t tell me work only?” This will make the man know that you are attracted to him and that is the reason why you were able to notice that he has a new pair of shoes. Flirty questions like you sure look very handsome today, did you just have a haircut? This is also another way of asking a flirtatious question that will also show the man the sort of attraction that you feel for him.

3) Be full of good compliments for guys:

How to keep a conversation going with a guy

This is also one of the good conversation topics that you can ever think of because there is nobody that does not like compliment be it a guy or a girl. Complimenting guys are one of the subtle ways that will let them know that you are interested in them and a guy that feels the same way towards you will definitely want to take you up on the offer of the attraction that you have for each other. Attraction and close relationship with a guy is the key here for compliments. Take note that you are to compliment a guy based on his strength or even what you just observed about him which might probably be his appearance etc.

4) Always give him room to talk as well:

This might sound odd when compared to the topic under discussion but it is the simple truth. You are not the only one here so; you will also need to allow him to talk as well and this you can do by allowing him to ask you some of his own questions. He might also be curious about you and you need to allow him ask those questions that will help put an end to his curious nature about you. Giving him room to talk also shows that you are enjoying talking with him and that you don’t mind telling him things about you that he is interested in knowing about.

5) Avoid yes or no questions:

There is a great need for you to avoid asking a question whose answer will either be a yes or a no as this will bring a conversation to an end abruptly as the guy will only need to answer a yes or a no to end the conversation as this can be very boring. What you will need to do is to find a way to couch the yes or no question that will make the question demand a longer answer. Instead of asking a guy if he has watched a particular movie, you can ask him which among the latest movies that he had watched and what triggered his interest to watch the movie. This will definitely elicit some kind of long answer from him. This is a good way to keep a conversation going. Interest and confidence are positive affirmations for men that will help them talk.

6) Couch more questions from his answers:

How to keep a conversation going with a guy

In asking a question there is a need for you to be interested in the answer that will be given because there is always a great need for you to be able to ask more questions from the answers that are given as this is what will show that you are very much interested in what is being said and that you are paying rapt attention to the discussion. Giving an undivided attention to a matter is what will make a conversation to keep going in a way that will make both parties enjoy the company of each other. If you are not able to couch more questions from the answer that was given, you might need to have him talk more about what he is saying by simply asking him to tell you more about what he is talking about.

Be confident about yourself and the fact that you feel a certain amount of attraction for this guy or probably you are at a party and you just felt like talking to the guy that caught your fancy while at the party. Confidence is a very good way of showing positive affirmations for men because they will be able to relate with this since they also have a need for confidence in approaching a girl that they are attracted to. Confidence and interest are keys to building a good and successful conversation.