how to kiss a boySeeing a girl kiss a boy on the cheek is a normal thing but seeing a girl kiss a boy with passion is not easy. Guys are the ones who initiate the kiss but with the changing trends where girls are becoming go getters, they are becoming increasingly aware of ways on how to kiss a guy and would want to implement them to turn on their men and keep them attracted to them. Kissing a boy you love is not wrong therefore you can read the following best kissing tips to keep your man yearning for more.

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How to kiss a guy

1. Prepare well

how to kiss a boy

Apart from the basic preparations of how to kiss a boy where you brush your teeth to have fresh breath, ensure that you look kissable. Use a good lip balm that will make your lips not only attractive and shiny but also soft and enticing. Chapped lips can be a great turn off for a girl and boy kiss. While wearing bright lipstick can make you look sexy, it can be a bad choice for a boy and girl kiss because it will leave lipstick marks all over your man which may annoy him.

2. Make him aware of your intentions

how to kiss a boy

One of the tips on how to kiss is to not just lunge at a guy. If you kiss him suddenly maybe in public, he might pull away which will cause you embarrassment. Instead, act suggestively when you are alone with him. While conversing, look at his lips seductively to let him know what you want to do. You may try licking yours and slower the speed with which you are talking to a slow musical one. Lean closer to him and if he leans in and slows his conversation while looking at your lips, then he will have gotten your message and is ready for the kiss.

3. Start softly and go slowly

how to kiss a boy

When a boy eventually moves in to kiss you or you do so, be gentle on him. You can suck his lisp slowly and sensually as he does the same to you. You could probably start with his bottom lip and move on to the upper one. If your boy is responding well, make the kiss more passionate by holding the back of his head or stroking his beard to make him feel you even more. You can also use your other hand to control the places where you want him to touch you since you are the one who initiated it.

4. Use your tongue

how to kiss a boy

One of the kissing tips for guys is to use your tongue to make him feel more sensations. You could rub his tongue with yours to turn him on. You could also use your teeth by nibbling his top or bottom lip between your teeth slowly. You have to ensure that you do not cause any harm to his lips because it can be a great turn off for him.

5. Tilt you head a bit

how to kiss a boy

It is essential that you adjust the position of your head for your boy and girl kiss so that your noses do not collide and make it awkward. It is more comfortable and it makes his lips to be within easy reach. Do not leave your head on just one side because it can be tiring so change positions quite often.

6. Let the boy kiss you

how to kiss a boy

When learning how to kiss a boy, you may think that it is your responsibility to do all the work. You should instead let the guy takeover and determine the direction of the kiss. Putting him in control will allow you to feel more sensations because you will not be worried about which kisses to give him and where.

7. Kiss him in other places

how to kiss a boy

Try as much as possible not to focus on the lips alone. Kiss him on other places like the cheek or neck and other erogenous areas that you know will turn him on.

8. Practice these kissing techniques

how to kiss a boy

If you are close to a boy, you could kiss him regularly and in the process get to learn new kissing techniques. These that have been mentioned are just but a few. There are many others that will come naturally as you kiss. There are also many types of kisses that you can try with your guy. Some of them might seem awkward and unsmooth at the beginning but with time, you will perfect your skills and begin enjoying even more.

Additional tips on “how to kiss a boy”

1. Look and smell good

how to kiss a boy

You should ensure that you look good and smell good especially when you know you are going to kiss him. Your good look and smell will make him not hesitate to kiss you.

2. Initiate

how to kiss a boy

Sometimes the boy you want can be shy.  Having a girl kiss a boy will therefore require courage on the part of the girl.

3. Be playful

how to kiss a boy

Make a guy feel comfortable when he is around you by laughing at his jokes and not being overly sensitive on some things. This is one of the tips on how to kiss that will help you get the kind of kiss you need from your guy.


Kissing a boy is some thing that you should be sure about before you do it to ensure that you do not end up embarrassing yourself or regretting anything. It is essential that the guy reciprocates your kiss because this will make it even much better and less comfortable. Generally, keep learning new kissing tips which you can practice with your guy. If you want your kiss to be long and passionate, do it in a private place convenient for both of you and where you know you will not get any kind of disturbance. You can pour all your emotions though the kiss to make the guy know exactly how you feel about him. Most importantly, keep it private between you.

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