Kissing a girl

How to kiss a girl

For most people, the first kiss is always messy and awkward and usually happens when they are quite young. But when you are all grown upon and you have a girlfriend, you would want your first kiss with her to be passionate and leave her longing for the next time. There are many ways on how to kiss a girl therefore you should not have a problem when it comes to the real thing. Kissing a girl is not something you should be worried or anxious about because it is all about good preparation and practice. These kissing tips for guys will give teach you all you need to know about how a boy and girl kiss.

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Kissing tips

1. Practice

How to kiss a girl

This may not sound like one of the best kissing tips but it can be very helpful to you. Practicing does not necessarily mean that you kiss another person because this might turn not wrong for you if your girlfriend finds out. Practice on objects or on your hand. This might not sound like one of the best kissing tips because if someone catches you doing that it can be really awkward to explain. Alternatively, you can practice one on one with your girlfriend if she is also new to kissing.

2. Have good breathe

How to kiss a girl

If there is one thing that can completely turn off a girl when kissing, it has to be bad breath from the boy. No girl wants to remain with a mouth smelling of things which she does not know after a kiss. It is therefore advisable that you prepare thoroughly by brushing your teeth and tongue and also using mouth wash before a date. Drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks during the date to maintain your breathe in the perfect condition.

3. Flirt with her

How to kiss a girl

If you want to make your intentions known to her, flirt with her a little by either complementing her looks or stroking her hands or hair is one of the kissing tips for guys. Tell her funny stories about your life to make her laugh. Listen to what she has to say keenly and make her feel important. You can start with kissing her on the forehead and then slowly lift her chin to get her lips to yours. Look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she is and then plant the kiss on her lips. It would be polite if you let her know that you are going to kiss her and then begin with light feathery kisses and if she responds well, you can go ahead and deepen the kiss.

4. Get good timing

How to kiss a girl

One of the best way to kiss a girl is when she least expects it. This will make it a lot easier for you. It could be when you are saying goodbye where you grab her waist and plant a kiss on her lips or when you are out for a walk you can surprise her with a kiss. It could also be after a movie.

5. Keep it private

How to kiss a girl

This is also among the kissing tips. Find a place where the two of you are alone being then it will be more intimate. No one wants to see a boy and girl kiss especially when it is in front of elderly people. If you have kissed a girl, don’t go around announcing it to your friends if you are serous about the girl. Even if you are not, it would be disrespectful and rude to her and would definitely hurt her feelings.

Kissing techniques

If you have already read the ways on how to kiss a girl, then it is time to go into action with these kissing techniques.

1. Move your head slowly towards her

How to kiss a girl

This is one of the most obvious tips on how to kiss. It will let her know you intentions and if she is not ready she can stop you in time. It will also avoid you from getting slapped. Do not close your eyes until when you are about to kiss. Try a simple kiss which dos not involve any kinkiness like using your tongue. Closing eyes before the start of the kiss is very important.   Tilt your head and move in slowly.

2. Use your hands

How to kiss a girl

If the girl you are kissing is passionate, she will guide your mouth on hers and you will not have to move your lips for long. She will hold your lips on hers and suck them while you do the same to hers. You can use your hands to stroke her hair or touch her face. You can use one hand to hold her waist while the other strokes her.

3. Be tender and loving

How to kiss a girl

While kissing girl, do not forget to take breaths since this is one of the tips on how to kiss that people tend to forget. This is very essential as it will make her miss you while you are away and want to come back for more. Stop when you have both had enough. Pulling away slowly is one of the kissing tips you can practice to ensure that the girl does not remain unsatisfied. Do not leave her feeling like it was just the kiss you were after. You can hug her tightly and tell her sweet words after to make her remember the kiss for a long time.


How to kiss a girl

Kissing girls for the first time can seem like a hard task but once you get a grip of it, you will find yourself enjoying more. If you are with a girl long enough, you can be courageous enough to kiss her in public with time. One of the best ways to kiss a girl that you will ever learn is to introduce new ways to kiss each time so as not to make it like a boring routine. At the end of the day, you would want your feelings come out passionately through the kiss.

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