The 5 roles of the tongue for orgasm

To be able to give your girl or your man the best oral love of their lives you will need to know how to tongue kiss because tongue kissing is the ultimate way of getting your partner deeply aroused during oral love. Good tongue kissing will make it very easy for you to be able to arouse your partner just to the highest height that he or she can get to. If you are able to make good and proper use of your tongue then you will be able to make your partner reach an orgasm when you want him or her to. Oral love is also a very good way of making your partner to attain an orgasm and this is with a huge thanks to tongue kissing.

How to kiss with tongue

How to kiss with tongue

There is no way to give your partner a good oral love if you do not know how to kiss with tongue. Tongue kiss can be done in several ways to help your partner reach orgasm during oral love. The following are some of the ways to tongue kiss:

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1) Draw great attention to your tongue:

One of the ways of getting your man to notice what you intend doing is for you draw his attention to your tongue and this you can do by applying a lip gloss or even a lipstick that will make your mouth to be noticed. The next thing that you will have to do is to use your tongue to lick your lips when he is talking to you. While doing this you will need to make sure that you had maintained direct eye contact with him for some time then looked down at his mouth before licking your lips. This will make the man get aroused because men are creatures of vision which means that they get aroused easily with what they see.

2) Draw him in for a very deep sensual kiss:

Tongue kiss is one of the things that can be used to make a man go crazy with wanting a woman and as such the aspect of tongue kiss should never be ignored or under estimated. Kissing with tongue should not only be restricted to when you want to make love. It should be done at any time that you have the opportunity to so do because kissing with tongue is one of the major keys involved in the act of love making and oral love orgasm as well. The importance of a kiss with tongue can never be under estimated.

3) Try a kiss with tongue teasing style:

How to kiss with tongue

This simply means that you should kiss with tongue and then try to avoid the most important place that your man wants to feel your tongue rest on – his penis. You can start off with kissing his mouth in a very deep French kiss style and then going down the body kissing him until you get to the part very close to his manhood, you will then stop there and start all over again. This will help heighten his expectation of when your tongue will kiss and suck his manhood. This expectation will help him get the best orgasm ever of his life faster than you can ever imagine when you now start off with his manhood.

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4) Give him a good oral love:

How to kiss with tongue

For your man to get the best orgasm ever, you will need to make use of your tongue. You will need to make use of your tongue in giving him the best orgasm ever of his life by simply starting with soft tongue strokes on his manhood before advancing to a faster stroke with the tongue as well. When you are sucking and licking his manhood with your tongue, there will be a need for you to vary the style of the stroke and tongue movement which will help you know the style that is most enjoyable by your man. You can blow a light breeze over his manhood and then continue sucking and licking. Also make use of your hand to touch and tickle other sensitive parts of his body and the combination of the two will help make the man go crazy and experience the best orgasm ever of his life.

The following are the 5 major roles of tongue kissing in relation to oral love orgasm:

a) For kissing her breast:

Tongue kiss your wife’s nipples and breasts as a whole if you ever have the intention of making her orgasm while you are doing the oral love with her. Kissing the nipples and breasts of your wife will help your wife in attaining orgasm very fast because the breast is one of the major sensitive parts of a woman’s body and as such needs to be paid much attention to while kissing her.

b) For sucking and kissing her clitoris:

Giving your woman the best oral love of her life is usually through kissing and sucking her clitoris. There is no great orgasm in oral love for a woman without a sucking and a licking of the clitoris with the tongue. The tongue will have to stroke the clitoris of the woman to give her the best oral love of her life.

c) For sucking the penis of the man:

Another great role of the tongue in oral love is when it is used to suck the penis of the man. The penis is the most sensitive part of the man during love making and as such the woman will have to make use of her tongue properly when giving her man the best oral love of his life.

d) For sucking the nipples of the man:

Not all men have sensitive nipples but some of them do and as such, it is very important that you suck and tease the nipples of your man for he might be among the men that have sensitive nipples. This will help heighten his level of orgasm.

e) Kiss with your tongue:

Don’t just kiss your man for the mere sake of kissing; there is a need for you to kiss him deeply and sensually in order to get him aroused before you start giving him the oral love that you had previously planned for him.

Oral love can never be complete without the help of the tongue and then the hands.

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