The face is one of the first parts of the body you relate with when you see anyone How do you feel when your face looks so puffy, you feel you are going out of shape? You might be having fat on your face, there are great ways to get rid of face fat. The best way on how to lose weight in your face is by sticking to a weight loss program that is best suited for the face.

How to lose weight in your face
How to lose weight in your face

Best way to get rid of face fat is to know the underlying cause. There are several causes and risk factors of face fat such as the following:

1. Genetics

In order to properly ascertain if your face fat is related to genetics, ask people you can trust if they can see fat on your face, also do you have any chubby face? Or deposit of fat on your check? If any of your family members have ‘chubby’ face then it might be genetic.

2. Fatty foods

Do you eat healthy? Less fiber in your food may cause buildup of ‘bad cholesterol’.

3. How often do you exercise

How often do you exercise your mouth also determines how much weight you keep around the face.

How to lose weight in the face

There are various means you can adopt to lose weight in face, some of the best ways on how to get rid of face fat is by minimizing fatty foods rich in low density lipoproteins.

Here are some other ways on how to lose weight in you’re the face:

1. Eat healthy

One of the best ways to get rid of face fat is to eat lots of fiber-rich foods such as woody and fibrous fruits, try fruits like guava, apple, cucumber and leafy green vegetables, they have naturally occurring fiber. So also try to minimize your alcohol consumption drastically.

2. Avoid some foods

If you want to see best result in your weight loss program, try to cut down on sugars and fat in your diet.

3. Engage in cardiovascular exercises

There are various cardiovascular exercises that are good for weight loss, they also help to lose weight in face.

4. Cut down on your calories

Another means on how to get rid of face fat is by cutting down on your calories, stop eating heavy meals at night so your foods can digest before you go to sleep. This helps to prevent many other digestive troubles.

5. Try facial yoga

Facial yoga is another one of the best way to get rid of face fat. There are yoga poses that helps to work out your facial muscles. You may add deep breathing exercises to help the process.

6. Add bubble or chewing gum to your daily routine

Yes chewing gum. It helps to work out your facial muscles. If you enjoy chewing bubble gum, you won’t find this hard to do.

7. Chin lift

Another good way on how to lose face fat is by lifting your chin a number of times daily. It assists in stretching and working up the facial muscles. This could be done in sitting or standing positions. How do you go about this? Tilt your face towards the ceiling while keeping your eyes fixed there, hold your lips in a kissing position for like 10seconds and repeat the process again.

8. Fish face

The ‘fish face’ exercise (smiling fish face) is one simple exercise you can do to reduce face fat. Here is how to lose face fat using ‘fish face’ technique.

  • Suck in your cheeks and lips
  • Hold it in position for about 5 minutes

‘Rinse and repeat’ the process

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