7 ways to get his attention

There is always a need for a girl to be able to make a guy jealous because making him jealous will help in spicing up your relationship. Knowing how to make your boyfriend jealous is Key to having a healthy and sustainable relationship. When you know how to make a guy jealous, it is important that you do not overdo it because it can lead to the death of the relationship instead. Every once in a while it is good to make your boyfriend jealous as this will make him value and appreciate you the more and you can only do it if you know how to make your boyfriend jealous.

How to make a guy jealous

How to make a guy jealous

Spice up your love life by knowing how to make your boyfriend jealous sometimes in the relationship. This is expedient when your boyfriend is now getting too comfortable in the relationship. When your guy is not acting as romantic as he ought to in the relationship it will be the best time to make him jealous hence the need to know how to make your boyfriend jealous or knowing how to make a guy jealous if you are attracted to him.

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1) Try socializing with other guys:

When you have a jealous boyfriend, it is always very easy to make him jealous. All you will need to do is to simply socialize with other guys and this will make your jealous boyfriend feel like spitting out fire to all those that will be around him at that moment. You can simply talk with a guy that is equally good looking with some kind of serious attention and then ending the talk with a smile. This is a sure way to make a jealous boyfriend more jealous than he can ever think that he can actually be.

2) Learn to laugh:

How to make a guy jealous

Do I hear you say “I hate my boyfriend”? Is he a jealous boyfriend? Is he a controlling boyfriend? Then one of the things to do is to learn to laugh. Make him realize that you are not a pet or an animal that is to be owned and controlled by a controlling boyfriend or even worse a boyfriend that you now feel bad telling people that you hate. Once you hear yourself telling someone “I hate my boyfriend” then it means that it has gotten to the stage where you will have to make your controlling boyfriend  jealous by having a good laugh with some other guys that is, the kind of laughter that comes from within your being.

3) Be yourself:

This is another of the things to do to make a controlling boyfriend know that he cannot control you the way he would like to. Hey girl, if you have ever heard yourself say “I hate my boyfriend” then you should know that it is time to be yourself because you probably hate him because he is trying to suppress you from being who you really are because he is a control freak. A controlling boyfriend will want to change a lot of things that has to do with your personality and that is the reason why you now hate him. The way to make him jealous and get back at him is by being yourself. Do what you like doing and do it when you feel like doing it. This will make him jealous and will let him know that you have your own life to live.

4) Try dating other guys:

How to make a guy jealous

Try going on a date with some other man that will help you realize that you are still a likable person and that you are still hot since some other guy can notice you and ask you out on a date. Going on a date with another hot guy will make you feel more like yourself and will make you forget how you told your best friend “I hate my boyfriend”. This can be like having a breathing space between you and your boyfriend. It does happen once in a while in every relationship where the partners will have to give each other some sort of breathing space that will make them feel okay when they come back together again. It could be a work date or just a casual date with a guy friend. Please don’t go on a date with another man that has a strong attraction for you because he might feel that he is getting to you and you will be raising his hopes unnecessarily.

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5) Be less available for him:

Men can tend to get relaxed and used to what they know belongs to them. This usually makes them feel that they can concentrate on some other things since you are more like a constant in their lives. It will however be painful and hurtful to you when you discover that your husband or boyfriend as the case may be is paying little or no attention to you. What you will have to do to help make him sit up or get jealous is to stop being readily available for him. When he notices that you are no longer readily available for him, he will want to know what is sharing you with him and he will definitely get jealous of that thing and he will then start creating more time for you in order to win and get back your attention for him.

6) Learn to become sexier than you used to be:

When he realizes that you are sexier than you used to be or that you now dress more attractively than you used to do, he will start getting jealous because he knows that some other guy out there will start noticing you as well. Once your relationship gets to this stage, it will make him want to pay more attention to you in order to ward off any other guy that might have started developing some kind of interest towards you.

7) Be flirty:

How to make a guy jealous

When he discovers that you are being flirty with other guys, it will make him get jealous of you and it will make him sit up, become more romantic and then pay you all the attention that you deserve in the relationship most especially from him.

Making a guy a bit jealous is always a great way to get his attention but in order to get his attention; you must first of all know that he likes you.