Most times, no matter how experienced we are or how much we have accomplished, we all need a little help to keep going- Self motivation if you will. It might not necessarily be self motivation; it could as well be motivation from others. So what is self motivation? Simply put, it is the force that drives you to do things. It is one of the building blocks of personal development. The importance of motivation cannot be over emphasized. This is because it’s a paramount ingredient in achieving our goals (long or short term) outlined. The power of will is one of man’s greatest assets. This asset has allowed man to thrive in the most difficult situations. Over the years, we have learnt of men and women that have gone past their limits due to shear will.

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how to motivate yourself
how to motivate yourself

Our success in our various fields is a function of our will power. In book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, the authors demonstrated potentials achieved through willpower. Better relationships, careers, robust health are achieved. Some form of propellant is important in order to motivate us to succeed. Now motivation comes in two forms- intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within (thoughts) and extrinsic motivation comes from majorly rewards (money). The former requires that we love what we do rather than what we have to do which goes for the latter. The willpower required to achieve set out goals is immeasurable. The willpower response is a simple reaction to internal conflict. An example is when you are suppose to do some filing, but would rather do nothing.  This is an internal battle we all are supposed to overcome in order to progress.

So the question becomes- what happens when there is lack of motivation and what it can possibly cause? Lack motivation will cause you to lose sight of what’s ahead. Get you entangled in obstacles, leaves you totally confused. When all these happen, your next question becomes – how do you motivate yourself? Before that question is answered, let’s look at what achievement motivation is. It is the simplest form of motivation, were one sees the need to succeed or attain excellence or perfection.

How to motivate yourself

Here is your answer…

1) Interact with people that have a similar focus or goal

Does this sound weird? Nah! It shouldn’t. This helps to keep you going. So that in your toughest moments; they’ll be the ones to help you through it. Stay far away from the NEGATIVITY.

2) Get connected to your reservoir of inspiration

When you have your ‘internal wars’ just completely stop what you are doing and think about that reservoir. In anything you find yourself doing, this is highly important. Whether at work or school, carry your jar of inspiration around.

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3) Small Beginnings

For aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs, be content with starting small. The bigger the more cumbersome to control and you’d just get frustrated. This will also help you build your management skills and confidence level. In the long run, your goal becomes feasible.

4) Get rid of excuses

Excuses are your greatest enemies. They basically consume your ideas and in turn murder your motivation for that idea. Never believe your excuses are tenable for your idea. Instead look them in the eye and rid yourself of them.

5) Listen to slow, but inspirational music

Music is food to mind and soul. So the more junk you feed yourself with, the more junk of pile up in your mind. Just like the famous Doctor and author Ben Carson that likes his classics. Music gives your mind that push it requires to jumpstart that idea.

6) Read motivational books

Books help not just your vocabulary, but also your stimulates confidence. Now the trick to this is- don’t just read, but practice what the book says. Remember the saying- “Readers are leaders”? Do your best to read one book a month. This has its own twist….. Read what interests you and will add to you.

7) Stick to your plan and do not deviate

This is one way on how motivate yourself. Deviate from your plan, then your motivation level drop to ground zero.

“Our greatest strength lies within”

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