Bloating and gas is a result of fermentation of foods that escapes digestion. This can especially get worse if you consume lots of foods rich in protein such as beans and lentils. However there are several home remedies for gas and bloating and foods to reduce bloating. Bloating remedies includes home remedies, drug-based medications that fast track purging of foods from the colon. One good thing about finding good home remedies for bloating is to find the source of the gas and what causes it and eliminate some foods from your diet.

How to reduce bloating and gas
How to reduce bloating and gas? 8 Stomach bloating remedies

The following are home remedies for bloating

The following plants has been confirmed to be effective against lower stomach bloating and as such it can be applied to other digestive troubles such as constipation as well as reduce bloating.

1. Peppermint tea

This is one of a kind, natural bloated stomach cure. There is a good recipe you can follow here:

a) Take a whole bunch of the leaves of peppermint tea and infuse it in hot water, after about 10 minutes.

b) Let it sit still before you start taking sips

c) Do not add sugars or sweeteners, it is good that way

2. Ginger tea


a) All you need is one crisp of ginger root, grater and hot water. You may also add lemon juice and honey to the mixture.

b) Cut about 4-5 quarter pieces of ginger, and place them in a mug to serve as a tiny mortal with the pestle

c) Get boiling water and spill little on the pieces and cover for about 10-13minutes.

d) Take it immediately before or after your meal, it is a very good stomach relaxant and wonderful one of home remedies for gas and bloating.

3. Walk around a bit

You may feel cozy around your waist after a heavy meal, try to go for a walk, just 10 minutes, walk will help to loosen your tummy, and reduce bloating and gas.

4. Chamomile tea

This is a plant commonly found in Germany. Chamomile is nicknamed ‘equipped for anything’ reason being that it provides one of the fastest ways on how to reduce bloating and gas.

How to prepare

a) Take the chamomile tea, honey and lemon juice and place them in 1 glass of hot water. Let the three condiments stay for about 10minutes in the hot water before you take it.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin has a good store of fiber, and it contains soluble fiber which helps the passage and churning activities of the gastric cavity to digest foods adequately. So it is one of the natural remedies for bloating.

Always take 1 glass of pumpkin with your meals, this helps to eliminate gas.

6. Do you drink water after your meals?

How to reduce bloating by taking lots of water follows the process of gas liquefaction. Gas produced in the stomach may be dissolved and this helps to relief the stomach from distention.

7. Garlic

This is another great bloated stomach cure. This may be prepared in form of soup. You may take it in form garlic supplements also but do not take it with foods that may cause bloating. Another home remedies for bloated stomach is activated charcoal.

Stomach bloating remedies may work, but over time you system gets used to it so the best way on how to reduce bloating is to avoid foods that causes your stomach to produce gas such as beans and legumes, lentils and dairy products among others.

8. Purgatives

You may also take stomach bloating remedies in the form of purgatives, they help to relieve the stomach of foods that are long overdue for excretion.

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