Are you worried because you’ve been coughing much often than usual lately? It is very necessary to get rid of abnormal coughing. Prolonged periods of coughing may cause severe damage and pains in the chest and chest muscles. The very common causes of coughing are: allergies, acid reflux, dry air and the much maligned smoking. Without deviating from the point, let’s discuss how to stop coughing.

How to stop coughing


We can halt the occurrence of coughs by using any good cough treatment. Ten of these options are discussed below.


  1. Steamy showers and the use of humidifiers

It is best to take a hot shower when coughing in order to bring out excess mucus in the nose. Moreover the steam remedies serve as treatment for cough, cold and some allergies as well.

Nasal secretions may dry up in dry atmospheres and environment. This may cause irritations that lead to coughs. The use of humidifiers wouldn’t be a bad either as an option for cough treatment.

  1. Use of lozenges and hot drink

Warm teas with honey can also relieve and clear the throat. This remedy is heavily supported by some clinical evidence and scientific findings. You may need to avoid taking in cold stuff and take in more hot tea, coffee etc.

  1. Staying hydrated

How to stop coughing

The excessive intake of fluid can also help in thinning outpost nasal drops in the mucus. Less thick drops are likely to have lesser irritation impact in the lungs.

Furthermore taking enough liquids helps to keep the mucus membrane moist. In drier periods such as winter, drinking a lot of liquids helps eradicate dryness related coughing.

  1. Get rid of irritants and allergies

You need to get rid of allergies and substances that cause you to cough. Some people are known to react to perfumes and sprays and this leads to bouts of cough. Allergic people may produce excessive mucus when they inhale such substances.This may cause mucus to drain into the lungs and irritate the nerves which leads to a cough. Smoke is no exception to this.

  • Stay away from strong scented perfumes and smokers to prevent chronic and allergic coughing.

Mix honey with herbal tea and drink for cough treatment. Make sure not to use caffeinated tea. You may drink this every night before you sleep to help stop coughs.


How to stop coughing

As we sleep, all the excess mucus we may have produced in the day may return into the lungs. The lungs’ mucus membrane may produce extra mucus as well which may accumulate and cause irritations that lead to coughs. Using pillows also prevent acid reflux in the lungs which is also known to cause coughs.

  • Sleep with your head on a pillow to counteract gravity that promotes this occurrence.



Decongestants are effective drugs for cough treatment. When taken in, they diminish the bloated nasal tissues or mucus membranes, reduce mucus production as well as clear up the air passages from particles that may cause air passage blocks.

  • Buy some decongestant pills and take them in.
  • There are liquid nasal drops and sprays as well.

NOTE: Be careful as these have side effects including increased blood pressure, heart disease and other health complications.


How to stop coughing

There are good cough suppressants and expectorants that you can use as treatment for cough.

Some very good expectorants are:

  • Dextromethorphan
  • Guaifenesin

NOTE: Always use cough expectorants at night and desist from giving them to children below 2 years.


Antibiotics for cough kill bacteria and germs in the lungs and mucus membranes which cause nerve irritations that lead to coughs. They are therefore another very effective cough treatment.


Coughs that last for over a week could be signs of a severe lung infection or a disease and so must be subjected to professional medical treatment. They can diagnose the cause and prescribe an appropriate treatment and antibiotics for cough. Keeping chronic coughs for longer periods may worsen medical problems, such as tuberculosis, and their treatment may become extremely more difficult.

In the early signs of cough, it is most advisable to use antibiotics for cough. On the contrary, chronic or severe cough must be reported to the hospital as soon as possible. There are other natural substances like garlic, onion, cayenne pepper etc, which also serve as natural antibiotics for cough.

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