How to strengthen immune system has been on the major front page of health magazines in this age because people are involved in daily engagements that reduces the strength of their immune system thus exposing them to varieties of infections and diseases. Exposure to certain pollens and allergens may wreck the body and cause systemic organ failure if exposure to such is not controlled or if the immune system has been compromised.

So improving immune system is a very vital component of health management being that certain diseases can only be prevented, once they set it they are very hard to deal especially viral diseases, so boosting immune system is the best way to go. How to strengthen immune system is majorly dependent on several factors which needs to be put into consideration if it is not natural method of boosting immune system.

How to strengthen immune system
How to strengthen immune system

Your lifestyle can help to improve the quality of your immune system. Some of the few natural means to improving immune system are the following:

1. Sleeping well and early

2. Regular daily exercise

3. Eating healthy and balanced diets rich in flavonoids and vitamins

The following are immune boosting foods:

1. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots (store of beta-carotene, calcium and zinc), kiwi, citrus fruits, apple, pineapple, spinach, sweet potatoes, kale, brocolli etc.

2. Garlic and onions: They both to the same family of plants so they have very close phytochemical properties which helps to strengthen immune system.

3. Mushroom species such as shiitake and button mushroom are also a good source of immune strengthening vitamins.

4. A bowl of chicken soup can perform wonders especially when you are down with flu virus. Other immune boosting foods are Elderberry (this is a fruit loaded with antioxidants which can help to forestall system breakdown through oxidative stress), acai berries, oysters (contains good source of zinc which helps to stimulate mood-enhancing hormones such as testosterone), watermelon (a good store of glutathione another strong antioxidant present in abundance when the watermelon is very ripe), Low-fat yoghurt (good source of probiotic vitamins which also helps to boost immune system), .

5. Vitamins C and E are both great immune strengthening vitamins

How to improve immune system

There are other several ways on how to strengthen immune system apart from lifestyle practices which are listed as follows:

1. Laugh a lot and have a good sense of humor

Laughing has a way of improving your store of endorphins, these are chemical agents that helps to strengthen immune system.

2. Cut down on your daily schedule if you get stressed out too fast.

Stress has been linked to several killer diseases as it causes the body system to build up toxins from the tissues this often times lead to oxidative stress. Stress reduces the strength of the immune system.

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