how to talk to girls

Talking to girls can sometimes be a herculean task for some men and a very easy task for some other men but some of these men that feel that they don’t have difficulty in talking  to girls most times talk out of point and make the girls only tolerate their presence and in some other cases snob or ignore them completely. It is of great importance that you know how to talk to girls as this will make you a good companion to the girl that you are talking to. There is always  a need that will make you talk to girls and it is very essential that you know how to talk to a girl before you will get into a situation that you will be forced to talk to girls. Know the things to talk about with a girl from this article as well.

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How to talk to girls

This is a step by step method of talking to girls in any situation that you find yourself in:

1: Confidence

how to talk to girls

What you will need to do before you start talking to a girl is to gather your courage as this will help lift your confidence level in what you want to talk about and it will also make your conversation a great one. No matter the kind of girl that you want to talk to be it the highly attractive and intelligent girl, the average girl and not up to average girl being confident about what you want to talk about will always make you a great company to the girl that you intend talking to.

2: Eye contact

how to talk to girls

Before you start your talk to girls, there is a need for you to make and hold eye contact with such girls before starting off any kind of meaningful conversation. After making contact with the girl that you intend to talk to, you can then walk past her and brush her slightly while excusing yourself for doing so, this will help catch the  girl’s attention and make her curious about you and eager to talk to you even before you start off any sort of conversation.

3: Introduction

how to talk to girls

The next thing that you will need to do is to introduce yourself if you don’t know each other by name and then extend your hand to her for a handshake. Always ensure that you are smiling confidently when you are doing this as this will help create a very good first impression about you. Ask for her name after your brief introduction of yourself. If she is a girl that you had known previously, ask her about something that you know about her.

4: Smile

how to talk to girls

Let your discussion remain on a very impersonal level even if you are dying to know her on a very personal level. No matter what your intentions might look like, there is no need for you to get into the personal aspect of your lives the very first time that you talk to her. Always maintain a cool smile while you are talking to her as this will give her the impression that you are enjoying your conversation with her and it will also make her enjoy your company.

Things to talk about with girls

There are lots of things to talk about with a girl and these are sort of the things that you will talk to girl about:

1: Things of common interest

how to talk to girls

Talk about things that are of common interest to both of you or if you do not know her to the extent of knowing what is a common ground for the two of you then you look for a topic that is usually of a common interest to everyone around you pick topics that range from movies, games, politics and the likes of it.

2: Make her feel really special

how to talk to girls

Talk to girls with the intention of making her feel very special and this you can achieve by maintaining eye contact with the girl that you are talking with. It is of utmost importance that the things you talk about is something that will get the two of you engaged in for some time that is, it should not be a brief discussion.

3: Ask her questions

talking to girls

One of the things to talk about with a girl is asking her questions concerning the things that are of interest to you as an individual. This will make you know what she feels about such things and will also make you know if the two of you can be compatible as friends. The whole essence of your attraction to her is for her to become a close and an intimate friend and one of the foundations of a great friendship is compatibility.

4: Compliment her

talk to girls

Talk to girls about things that girls usually love and that include fashion but it should not be limited to it. Things to talk about with girls can be a kind of compliment about what you like about her and this should not be in a way that will make her feel that you are only coming onto her for sex. Compliment her in such a way that will make her feel appreciated like the way she laughs, the way her outfit fits her and things like that.

5: Pay attention to her

things to talk about with girls

Things to talk about with girls should not only be about her, it should also be about you. It should extend to the things that you like and your feelings about what she has told you about herself. Make her know that you have been paying great attention to what she had been telling you all along. Don’t let her feel that you are only using her to while away the time.

Knowing how to talk to girls, things to talk about with girls and what to talk to girls about will help you on any first date. It will further help you to get the girl of your choice in any gathering just like a party and it will help you start and maintain a very good relationship with the girls that come across your way even if the interest does not go deeper than a platonic one. Girls are always scared of men that always come onto them heavily as they will immediately sense that all you want from them is nothing but sex. Always try to develop a good relationship with a girl that is not based solely on sex by following the above guideline.

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