Many people are concerned about hives treatment because hives are just not slightly. They make the skin look much uglier than many other skin problems including pimples, acne, stretch marks, sunburns etc. Worse of all, they are irritatingly itchy such that, it may distract you from going about your usual business for as long as the itch remains. For many, they would give up a month’s income for the treatment of hives. Hives in children, may make them feel devastated and lose their self-confidence. They may want to opt out of school and dissociate with friends for as long as the physical symptoms persist. Let’s take a walk through some hives treatment for children.

how to treat hives


When treating hives in children, the following options may be used:


The use of an antihistamine as cure for hives is approved by most medical doctors. Antihistamines for children work by reducing swellings and itching that accompany hives in children. Always inform your pediatrician before applying these.


For the purpose of decreasing associated itchiness and inflammation of hives, you should use a cold compress. One reason for the itchiness and inflammation caused by hives isbecause of the flow of blood that contains histamines – allergies lead to histamine production. Applying a cold compress on the skin reduces the flow of blood and cools the skin which helps reduce inflammation. You can apply cold compresses on the affected areas of the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. You may repeat this every 2-3hours or as itchiness begins to increase in the child’s skin.


Corticosteroids as cure for hives may be applied when children fail to respond to hives treatment. This should only be used upon recommendation of a doctor. Doctors may prescribe a corticosteroid for a topical application or an oral corticosteroid such as prednisone for hives. Always ensure that you strictly follow the doctor’s instruction for use as these drugs can weaken or permanently suppress the child’s immune system – No matter what, oral corticosteroids should not be used on long term basis.


Various scientific researches and observations have proven that, when asthmatic drugs (Omaglizumab)are applied as treatment for hives, it eliminates the symptoms. It has no side effects on the child. The only disadvantage is its costliness. Medical doctors may prescribe montelukast to be taken along with an OTC antihistamine as a hives cure.


Like corticosteroids, these options are suggested or prescribed when the child’s body is not responsive to other hive medications. They have the same effect of suppressing the immune system and can be used for both acute and chronic hives. The negatives are; nausea, headaches and probable kidney problems. Some of these drugs are; cyclosporine, tacrolimus, mycophenolate.


The major cause of hives is the production of histamines in the body. Histamines are produced as a result of an allergic reaction. During and after treatment, if allergens are still present in the child’s environment hives may be unresponsive to treatment or may vanish and reappear again. Make sure to get rid of any possible allergens before or during the application of a cure for hives.

  • Washing the skin with soap and running water can help remove allergic substances on skin that may be causing hives.
  • Change child’s clothing as the allergens may be located in their clothes.
  • Observe the food menu and suspend them from eating suspected allergic foods or drinks. Some common culprits are nuts, milk, shellfish and some fruits.


Prevent children from scratching as it exacerbates itchiness and inflammation. To treat the associated itchiness, you may use anti-itch creams for a topical application. Wear children long sleeves to avoid the skin from contact with external itch irritants in the environment such as insects, sun rays, airborne bacteria etc.

Now that you know how to treat hives, I hope you find the solution to your child’s hives without any problems. Have a nice day.

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